Marxism claims not only to be true, but to be the Truth. It is an earthly, secular religion.

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link to Unto Ceasar by F. A. Voigt

LENIN held that every revolutionary movement must have “a, revolutionary theory.” 1 He held that the Marxian “theory” not only serves a revolutionary purpose as no other theory can, but that it is “true” by every philosophical, scientific, and “objective” test. But if we examine the Marxian “theory,” we find it is not a theory at all, or even a hypothesís. It has no philosophical or scientific validity whatever and breaks down under every “objective” test. It is a myth, or, to give modern myths their modern name, an “ideology.” – pg. 3

F. A. Voigt, Unto Ceasar

Secular Religion

link to info galactic DOT com info Secular religion – link to info galactic DOT com info Frederick Augustus Voigt

Science in the Public Square: Global Climate Alarmism and Historical Precedents

link to jpands DOT org vol18no3 lindzen DOT pdf – link to en DOT wikipedia DOT org – wiki – Richard Lindzen

Big-Tech California Style: EXPOSED

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