Yes, my little wheels are a-turnin’ – Dammit Janet!

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Cultural myths debunked here. – Mitos culturales desacreditados aquí. * Acción de precio; Está subiendo porque está subiendo. * La verdad es empujada a los márgenes por la tecnocracia corporativa. * Cada mentira que decimos tiene una deuda con la

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Moore’s Law – Exponential Growth Curve

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Hyperinflation – Stagflation Explained & all the while no buyers for U.S. Treasuries. * The conventional war is lost; now for the guerrilla war with Ukrainian Diaspora. * How many Ukrainian refugees are there and where have they gone? link2source

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Boom Comes Down for Biden


integrity requires transparency. – Illegal Aliens at Eagle Pass & Del Rio, TX : Elon Musk , Unfiltered. Illegal Passing at All Time Highs. link2source – * Replacement Migration * War is “what Yon does.” – WEAPONIZED MIGRATION IN THE

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