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El futuro parecerá ciencia ficción. * La Gran Depresión es la única manera de resolver este nivel de deuda. * JANET YELLEN DESTRUYE TODA LA FE QUE QUEDA EN EL SISTEMA FINANCIERO OCCIDENTAL * Ursula von der Leyen : es

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At this stage of the Ukrainian war, deception is all that’s left for the Kiev regime and Zelenskyy. ‘Courage and Leadership are in Short Supply’ – Sasha Stone link2source – Sasha Stone – Biden’s America – A Society That Has

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07 The Gold of Zimbabwe

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Also, RUSSIA’S KA-52S DESTROY UKRAINIAN STRONGHOLDS – My Sources Indicate: Russians to control more Ukrainian territory, IMPORTANT locations as measured by food-production and industrial capacities. Taiwan and Ukraine link to Zerohedge DOT com – political Xi warns Biden: -those -who

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