Things to Know Before Visiting Montmartre

montmartre in paris france

Para destruir una sociedad de abajo hacia arriba, usar fronteras abiertas, ¡funcionará! ** El Alcalde de la Ciudad de Nueva York (NYC), Eric Adams, pareció retractarse de las leyes migratorias que fueron implementadas como resultado de ser considerada una ciudad

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Deflect and Defend the Nation

landscape photography of phewa lake

Pensamientos que se disipan como antimateria. * ¿Y POR QUÉ LO RESOLVERIA TODO? ** Desviar y defender la nación. *** Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.  Cicero – 81 CICERO QUOTES ON LIFE, PHILOSOPHY, WISDOM ************* link2source

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Trucker NO-GO New York


No bananas on the shelves in the capital of the banana republic. * No hay plátanos en las estanterías de la capital de la república bananera. *** link2source – New York is the Next Wasteland! GTFO! * ¡Nueva York es

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Land of the FREE STUFF

an angel statue on the wall

link2source – Alexey Navalny – Trailer Trash Tim – 2-20-24 link2source – ‘You Want To Put Ukraine First?’: Rand Paul Explodes At Democrats And Republicans Over Foreign Aid LINK2SOURCE – The Mysteries of Central Banking and the National Debt. WHAT

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Debt Money: Now what do I do?

gold coins in close up photography

link2source – BBN, FEB 17, 2024 – TRUMP PERSECUTED BY LAWLESS TYRANTS… link2source – TRUMP VERDICT, NEWS, MICHAEL FLYNN, X CENSORSHIP link2source – INFLATION ALERT – Trucker Boycotts – Red Sea Attacks (Fed Must Print) – Smart Silver Stacker link2source

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Tuck me in Tucker’s put Putin-o-mics mixology.

a bartender holding a cocktail drink

Thanks for you interest in TEXAS! – Gracias por su interés en TEXAS! – Let’s mix it up, TEXAS! Los demócratas se están derritiendo por la demencia de Bidens y la pérdida de memoria. History never repeats itself; Numbers go

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End Game First Thing Yesterday!

brown ceramic chinese figurine

It’s Gonna Be a Game-Changer. Stay on Your Swivel Disk. ************ link2source – * Programming is for computers, not people. * YOUR EYE’S DON’T LIE! ANOTHER MK ULTRA INFLUENCER INJECTED WITH BLACK GOO UNDER DEMONIC POSSESSION! * The symbolism is

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Moore’s Law – Exponential Growth Curve

snow covered field near a river

Hyperinflation – Stagflation Explained & all the while no buyers for U.S. Treasuries. * The conventional war is lost; now for the guerrilla war with Ukrainian Diaspora. * How many Ukrainian refugees are there and where have they gone? link2source

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A Spectacular Story: Armageddon vs Apocalypse

the wabasha nelson bridge over the mississippi river

Una historia espectacular: Armagedón vs Apocalipsis – Armageddon Defined Federal Government at war with state of Texas over border with Mexico – Gobierno federal en guerra con estado de Texas sobre frontera con México – La Barrera Flotante : México

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The Washington-Reality Bubble Goes POP

beach during golden hour

Hold-to-maturity accounting as opposed to mark-to-market. (Banks and their Bond Portfolio) link2source – Col. Douglas Macgregor: Is Biden Starting a Regional War in The Middle East? – Judge Napolitano – 1-15-2024 – ¿Biden está iniciando una guerra regional en Oriente

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