2062022 – destroying society becomes less profitable for Meta-Facebook

Europe in the 9th century. Roslagen is located along the coast of the northern tip of the pink area marked "Swedes and Goths".

link to DR. MIKE YEADON INTERVIEWED BY MARIA ZEEE * Mass Formation * Psyops = Psychosis * link to https://zeeemedia.com/interview/paul-schreyer-pandemic-simulation-games-preparation-for-a-new-era/ link to https://covidvaccinesideeffects.com/mattias-desmet-on-mass-formation-psychosis/ link to FUNDRAISING PLATFORM SEES MASSIVE SURGE IN TRAFFIC AND ONE MILLION IN DONATIONS TO CANADIAN TRUCKER

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11092021-CDC Changed Definition of ‘Vaccine’ in Orwellian Fashion

bio-weapon symptomology link to DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH – * FLORIDA COVID SUMMIT 11/6/21 * link to 5th Circuit Court Of Appeals Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate link to OSHA CANNOT IMPLEMENT BIDEN’S 100+ VACCINE MANDATE ON BUSINESSES, HERE’S WHY link to

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