A Swarm of Drones Attacked ME of all people!

lobster shack

El plan ‘B’ claramente es oro. * ¡Un enjambre de zánganos me atacó entre toda la gente! ** Los zánganos son las abejas machos de una colmena; se desarrollan en celdas más grandes que las obreras, de 6,5 mm (Milímetro) de diámetro y proceden de huevos sin fecundar

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Another Episodic Day Decentralized Happenings

drone shot of monte fitz roy

Gabriel Caamaño: por qué resolver el frente fiscal será clave para el dólar y la economía que viene – link * Rusia hoy no es lo que era la Unión Soviética. Sin embargo, Estados Unidos hoy es lo que solía

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masterful at muddying the waters

busy city street in tropical town at night

BAMA! Whama! – Oh MY Third Term BAMA! * maestro en enturbiar las aguas ** look fabulous be fabulous *** ¿Cómo lograr un look fresco y fabuloso? ¡Con vestidos! * ¡El calzado que le dará un toque femenino a tus

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New and Newer Scams

green grass during sunset

PSYOP * Gotcha * What if the AMOC stops running? ** *** Deindustrialization inflation and sacrifice for war with Russia – desindustrialización inflación y sacrificio por la guerra con Rusia *** Ukraine to become a neutral buffer zone according to

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Moore’s Law – Exponential Growth Curve

snow covered field near a river

Hyperinflation – Stagflation Explained & all the while no buyers for U.S. Treasuries. * The conventional war is lost; now for the guerrilla war with Ukrainian Diaspora. * How many Ukrainian refugees are there and where have they gone? link2source

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WIN AT ALL A.I. COSTS. It’s your savings!

angel of independence statue in mexico city

The footprints in the sand lead to the truth. The world has moved on from the Petrodollar. Elite psychopaths and their psyop ways. Weather report predicts Confetti Dollars. It’s not official until you hear an official denial. Brace for impact.

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Libertarian Hobby Horse Election Ridden Sunsets.

grand prismatic

WAR with MEXICO @ the U.S. Border. link2source – * You lose your soul when you stop believing and trusting in yourself. * Video-Demoralization of America. The Process. The Enemy within. Yuri Bezmenov. Happy Thanksgiving! – Emil Cosman link2source –

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chilean vineyard

End-Stage Globalism Ushered In Style! * Greg Abbott endorses Trump. * link2source – BBN, NOV 14, 2023 – THE HORSEMAN OF THE ECONOMIC APOCALYPSE DRAWS NEAR link2source – BIG CHANGE IN MARKETS – Financial Turmoil Explained link2source – Great show

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