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El futuro parecerá ciencia ficción. * La Gran Depresión es la única manera de resolver este nivel de deuda. * JANET YELLEN DESTRUYE TODA LA FE QUE QUEDA EN EL SISTEMA FINANCIERO OCCIDENTAL * Ursula von der Leyen : es

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Shifting Sands of Zanzibar in Staid Motels

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chismes sobre las altas finanzas ** dinero construido sobre la desconfianza ** EE.UU. más susceptibles al colapso ahora entonces la antigua Unión Soviética era antes de su propio colapso, alrededor de 1989. * ingreso universal básico * En Rusia, si

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Clock-ticking ANGST onslaught entropy proxy.

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The American people have a right to know! – El pueblo estadounidense tiene derecho a saber! * Clock-ticking against onslaught ANGST entropy proxy. – Reloj-tictac contra ataque ANGST entropía proxy. ** Trick the mind to do the thing you need.

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Boots on the Ground and Rus’ for Russia

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Cluster Bombs; still a war crime. ‘Cross-border’ means global rules, i.e. globalization. Eliminate currency competition with crypto crackdown – globally. Madness is rare in individuals, but strikes quite regularly in societies. NOTE 1 Jason Aldean And Refighting America’s Civil War

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Matter Over Mind

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The Mechanistic View Wins Every Time. ENERGY IS THE ECONOMY. Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. – H.L. Menkin link2source – PARENTS VS PEDOS DEFEAT DEPOP

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