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La derrota tiene tu nĂºmero. * Sin embargo, hay varios puntos potenciales de fracaso, especialmente cuando el volumen necesario de papeletas (de misterio impreso) aumenta exponencialmente. ** ************************************ link2source – A TIPPING POINT ON THE WARS – Harley Schlanger –

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Systemic Fail with Hammer-Handed Turnip

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Peace strategy can lead to PEACE; while a War strategy cannot help but NOT. So, gather your turnips with a heavy hand. Frisky clothes and a tight-fitting outlook. Avoid conflict while Mars is in Aquarius and watch the fractal undulations

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In Ukraine – a Soviet-Era Electrical Grid that is incompatible with Western parts. The U.S. Dollar is no good here. * It was all engineered to happen. * THE END TIMES ARE NOT SET IN STONE * Bubbling beneath the

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