Big Tech Media Blackout 31

Biological Weapon(s) link to Mike Adams Up! link to the epoch times DOT com supervisors attempt to assuage vaccine fears backfires The “Vaccine” is the worst kind of poison. link to twitch DOT tv ncs 51 Welcome to my small

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Fake President 5-8

The Suppression of News and Media The Memory Hole Wisconsin Vote Recount Lawsuit “The ‘Glitch’ means: “Oh, we got caught.” “The ‘Glitches’ are never from Biden to Trump.” “In Wisconsin they have found massive discrepancy, just so you

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Fraud v4

The Electoral College is NOT ceremonial. MI Republicans Certify Fraudulent Votes Contingent Election (Presidential) Biden Family Corruption “Former Speaker of the House Speaker Gingrich provides the details and evidence behind the story of the Former Vice President Joe

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Fake President v1

Colorado 2019

President Trump Legal Team Update Wayne County, MI,_Michigan “The most populous county in MI has been officially de-certified. CaniPaul1 The Iron Curtain of Censorship – Hillary made up the Russian Collusion story – The candidates paid to have

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Fraud v1

“The disappointment you’re echoing is something many Trump voters feel, and, they must not feel. They must not give way to depression or pessimism. Those are death in this situation. Dick Morris And Then… The Californication Process: “Dominion counts

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