waving goodbye to peace, an old friend

speeding train time lapse photo

REGRESO AL JUICIO POR ASESINATO DE 1995 *** La Tercera Guerra Mundial y el alto precio del oro *** Israel ahora es un paria internacional. *** ********************************************************** link2source – Gaza War, A Setup: The End of Israel as We Know

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Naked-Short Losses, Unlimited Potential

green and gray evergreen cargo ship

Watch the Controlled Demolition as the Twin Towers Go Into Free Fall. * What are the ‘provable‘ criminal acts committed by President Donald Trump? * link2source – 82nd Brigade last chance. Elensky, impossible choice. Sarkozy, end war. ECOWAS to enter

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03 Fighting for Sovereignty

the parthenon temple ruins in athens greece

The Economy is an ECOSYSTEM In today’s blog post, I provide many links as always, including cancelthiscompany.com. link2source – cancel this company DOT com The above website presents “The BIG list of ‘woke’ companies to boycott “to quote the website.

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