global mediocrity institutional memory hole

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Y cree en tus ojos mentirosos con respecto a la inflación y cómo te está afectando. * mediocridad global agujero de memoria institucional * Posibles puntos ciegos hacia noviembre, es decir, ¿dónde están los posibles cisnes negros? * Viviendo en

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10 All the World’s a Stage for J6 Trials

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“The first BTC ETF, the Purpose BTC ETF, was a Canadian product, and started trading 18 February 2021. The first US BTC ETF, BITO, started trading later that year on 19 October 2021.” link2source – skwealth academy DOT substack

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07 – Stay Ahead of the Censors

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link to The Epoch Times DOT com – Landslide of Hunter Biden findings released as republicans ready investigations for 2024 link to SITUATION UPDATE, 7/19/22 – INCOMPETENT WESTERN NATIONS INVOKE “DOOMSDAY”… link to EPISODE 2011: RINO REPUBLICANS WRITE FALSE REPORT

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