Back in Kamikaze Style

top view of a neuron sculpture in the lawn

Ukraine: A non-country the size of Texas where NEOCON dreams go to die. link2source – Gold Shocks the World! As the ‘Safe’ US Banking System Collapses * Two-tiered Monetary System to be forced upon the U.S. Populace (we get the

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02 You’re Fired for Your Thoughts!

moon shining on dark sky with smoke

Thought Crime will not be tolerated! We are living in the advent of ‘Pre-Crime‘, meaning: Pre-crime Enforcement, where the very thought of anything that could be construed as leading to, or related to a purported crime, is, in fact, a

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1242022-Enjoy the Collapse! – You’ve Earned It!

FEDSURRECTION! OVER A MILLION PEOPLE INJURED BY COVID VACCINE I heard the rain impinge upon the earth. — James Joyce “Impinge.” Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 22 Jan. 2022. – link to link to Ireland to End Most CCP Virus Restrictions,

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en:Johannes Hevelius, astronomer by en:Daniel Schultz (1615-1683).

The word metamorphosis derives from Greek μεταμόρφωσις, “transformation, transforming”,[2] from μετα- (meta-), “after” and μορφή (morphe), “form”.[3] * metamórfosi * link to JANUARY 12, 2022 NEWS ROUNDUP link to New California State Call January 12, 2022 link to DEMS TRY TO FORCE THROUGH A VOTING RIGHTS BILL TO FORTIFY

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