Opposed to the Opposition Checked Balance

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LA DEMOCRACIA AMERICANA HA MUERTO. * El objetivo es destruir la economía y empobrecerte. * Para cambiar la dirección de (un velero) para cambiar la dirección de (un velero) : tack (verb) * Los BRICS son una bola de demolición

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What profit a man?

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Las organizaciones humanitarias advierten que las enfermedades mortales transmitidas por el agua se propagarán en la zona sitiada si no se permite la entrada de ayuda. – Cólera, enfermedades infecciosas en medio del bloqueo israelí – ESTRANGULAMIENTOS DE ENVÍO Y

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Another Episodic Day Decentralized Happenings

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Gabriel Caamaño: por qué resolver el frente fiscal será clave para el dólar y la economía que viene – link * Rusia hoy no es lo que era la Unión Soviética. Sin embargo, Estados Unidos hoy es lo que solía

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Sophistication didn’t work out!

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Google suspende la creación de imágenes de personas con IA tras error. *** Google anunció el jueves que interrumpía un servicio para crear imágenes de personas mediante la inteligencia artificial (IA), después de que el programa representara a tropas de

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Land of the FREE STUFF

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link2source – Alexey Navalny – Trailer Trash Tim – 2-20-24 link2source – ‘You Want To Put Ukraine First?’: Rand Paul Explodes At Democrats And Republicans Over Foreign Aid LINK2SOURCE – The Mysteries of Central Banking and the National Debt. WHAT

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Don’t hide from the truth. link2source – Don Durrett: Year Zero – Assessing the Future of America in 2024 link2source – Michael Oliver: Gold & Silver Go Vertical When This Indicator Breaks Trend link2source – Comments on non-USD oil, real

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Tunnels to Victory or Survival!

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Ghosts Visit Miser During Holidays RE: The Errors of His Ways. Putin’s winning strategy: keeping Ukraine under the radar. …a day late and a dollar short. link2source – THE TRANS AGENDA IS NWO EVIL link2source – You Won’t Believe The

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catastrophe by invitation, off the record, at UN.

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US, UK, France and Japan vote against UNSC Resolution on Gaza Ceasefire. I can just imagine the horse trading behind the scenes. Humanitarian Ceasefire in Gaza now a NO GO. IDF Expanding Ground Operations Into Gaza – Posted by Mary Chastain –

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gathering darkness, a maelstrom, then peace…

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Time cycles of a computer clock as a metaphor for how the passage of time effects our reality without our realizing it. A.K.A. We are ‘time-sliced’ individuals. link2source – Col Douglas Macgregor: “The Russians Are Annihilating Everything” link2source – With

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Economic siege as a tactic of war.

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The leaks paint a grim picture of the situation in Ukraine – Misinformation/Disinformation and Inconvenient Truth Battle it Out. Let’s see who wins! U.S. Under Siege by the Ruling Elite Using the Tactics of Full-Spectrum Warfare. dr pete chambers DOT

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