The New World in Order to Survive

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la miseria que se nos ha infligido, nuestras economías, nuestras culturas y nuestras instituciones. ** Los humanos prefieren la simplicidad a la complejidad. * Hasta que nos volvamos a ver! * sistemas altamente complejos de dinámica interconectada * ELECCIONES DE

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Avoid a feud and move on helicopter money

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link2source – Biden JUST PISSED OFF 110 million Americans!! – Stephen Gardner link2source – Peter St Onge: Stagflation Is The Best Case Scenario, Inflation Hedges Are Smart To Accumulate – WallStForMainSt link2source – NATO will punish China for Ukraine. Putin

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Solvents, I’ve got your number, kernel-truth, of.

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El Proyecto Ucrania no es enteramente sobre Ucrania. * En 1971 Nixon cerró la Ventana de Oro. * ************ Using volatile compounds, to be honest, may not relieve the pressure cooking. We’re running hot and that’s not good, operationally, or

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02 Life’s a Day at the Beach.

Walls Closing In on the Biden Regime. Ukraine NOT Going as Planned. link2source – s k wealth academy substack DOT com p what are U.S. corporate junk bonds – forward economic indicator – What do rising [yields for] US corporate

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12 gubernatorial THEFT under nebulous terms

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“Let’s go deeper down the rabbit hole.” – Globalization is dead! – Long live tyranny. The age of cheap stuff is OVER. “Let me be clear. For those that are considering a COVID shot, if you have an adverse event

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12 Critically Massive, Christmas Gains

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The recession is going to be so bad, they will have to invent a new word for it. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…” “Inflation is not under control; it’s out of control.” DEEP INSIDE RUSSIAN TERRITORY:

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