08 Going to the MOON SHOT

photo of moon

Trump Won! Who Knew! And now for the next election! Moon Shot; Definition Awesome, fantastic, almost impossible to achieve, the best, the reason for success, reaching the highest point, right on target! <This new product was the moonshot for our company. It was extremely successful

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DMITRY ORLOV – RUSSIA DOESN’T NEED THE WEST – JERM WARFARE – MAR 21 2022 * Ukrainian Nazis US INFLATION EXPECTED TO HIT 8.3% FOR MARCH… BIDENOMICS! CHAIN REACTION DOCUMENTARY – A take-it-or-leave-it industry for small-business truckers. – leveraging technology

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03142022-BIDENOMICS: Too Crude To Crash

Claude Monet

The “Fog of Propaganda.” link to https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2022/03/12/joe-bidens-electric-car-plans-why-they-are-impossible link to WHY I STAND WITH RUSSIA (UKRAINE RUSSIA WAR) TECHLEAD SHOW link to ZELENSKY, HUNTER BIDEN — AND THEIR SUGAR DADDY, KOLOMOISKY – GONZALO LIRA link to DMITRY ORLOV DISCUSSES RUSSIA, UKRAINE

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