Opposed to the Opposition Checked Balance

person riding a kick scooter on a bridge

LA DEMOCRACIA AMERICANA HA MUERTO. * El objetivo es destruir la economía y empobrecerte. * Para cambiar la dirección de (un velero) para cambiar la dirección de (un velero) : tack (verb) * Los BRICS son una bola de demolición

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FREE Admission! No Audition! And Submission.

white smoke of a space craft

Unencumbered assets are the best; better than money in the bank. * Los activos no comprometidos son los mejores; mejores que el dinero en el banco. ** armas basadas en el espacio * Mercados de materias primas manipulados; de los

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Rose-tinted outlook, self-regard & absorption

woods covered with snow

Our views are balanced and fair. The horizon is limitless, and the storm clouds have departed. Find your destiny and focus on what’s real! Step bravely forward and fight with evil’s lesser cousin. Stiletto Saks Fifth and a saxophone play

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06 grand-scale knowledge erasure

Kepler's Supernova

Previously un-discovered celestial body disrupts dissemination and acquisition of knowledge on Earth, resulting in the crushing of Western Civilization. Disintegration of the knowledge necessary to function in the environment around us was systematically accomplished through the special, little-understood, waves travelling

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