Avoid a feud and move on helicopter money

rescue helicopter flying under golden gate bridge

link2source – Biden JUST PISSED OFF 110 million Americans!! – Stephen Gardner link2source – Peter St Onge: Stagflation Is The Best Case Scenario, Inflation Hedges Are Smart To Accumulate – WallStForMainSt link2source – NATO will punish China for Ukraine. Putin

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Solvents, I’ve got your number, kernel-truth, of.

gray cat near gray vase with sunflower

El Proyecto Ucrania no es enteramente sobre Ucrania. * En 1971 Nixon cerró la Ventana de Oro. * ************ Using volatile compounds, to be honest, may not relieve the pressure cooking. We’re running hot and that’s not good, operationally, or

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NO opine CENT dissent descending

three vehicles parked beside concrete building

Si vas a matar al rey, será mejor que mates al rey. * nuestro orden social civil * no ha probado sus cargos * Acaba de marcar el récord al reportaje más breve de la historia. * Rusia bloquea el Sistema

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Crisis Accounting for CBDCs

horseshoe bend photo

Contabilidad de crisis Banco Central Monedas digitales. *** Fenómenos económicos oscuros como una mariposa aletea sus alas y genera un huracán en el otro lado del planeta. ***** ¿China comprando oro a escondidas? ***** Siempre considere la realidad cuidadosamente antes

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Cog in the Machine pirouette

Alemania es una economía en declive industrial. * ¿Por qué es tan débil la economía alemana? – La industria del gran país europeo vive en el pasado y ese declive acaba teniendo consecuencias, sobre todo políticas. link2source – ** Engranaje

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Peace, Kindness and the hypothesis of Gaia.

people standing and sitting at the open park near buildings

Is logic the same in all time zones? Is logic uniformly distributed throughout the universe? Is planet Earth sentient? – butterfly effect and law of unintended consequences – Just wait for the next engineered crisis! – Be unattached like the

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The Fastest Turtle to Win the Race.

snow covered mountain

link2source – Gold/Silver: Weapons Against The CBDC Reset | Bill Holter link2source – TRUMPS LEAD SEEMS TO BE GROWING AGAIN link2source – Gaetz makes history. Elensky curse hits McCarthy. EU makes offer to Orban. West out of weapons. U/1 –

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No Ordinary Men; the Night of the Broken Glass.

perched seagull

A story about Nazi Germany; Christopher R. Browning; Christopher R. Browning is the Frank Porter Graham Professor of History at the University of North Carolina and the author of Ordinary Men and other outstanding works of Holocaust history. He lives

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Acclamation from Ukraine’s Oligarchs

photo of couple kissing beside statue

“America, we LOVE your money! Send More!” – says Volodymyr Zelenskyy while dancing in high heels. Yes! You have got to see the videos if you haven’t already. Keep the party going! link2source – SEPTEMBER 3, 2023 MUSINGS link2source –

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see trends before they smack you

aerial photography of cloudy mountain

Global, macro, micro, or whatever; be one of the trend benders and stay ahead of the curve! Your tax dollars spent to demolish history. Mother Ukraine Monument. The globalists don’t want you to know who you are or where you’re

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