E-Safety Lie, a big one.

Today, legalized theft is just the beginning. link2source – Julie Inman Grant – (born 1968 or 1969) is an American[2][3] public servant who is currently serving as the eSafety Commissioner, a role in which she leads Australia’s independent regulator for online safety. – Wikipedia

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We saw it coming; tried to warn you; too late.

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el diablo está en los detalles ** demasiado tarde ** traté de advertirte ** Explotando un esquema Ponzi ** link2source – Chaos usually ends quickly. Organized chaos does not. Therefore, it is not true chaos. – Also, Pentagon PANICS as

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12 You know yourself better than your doctors.

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link2source – * It’s all in your head. Vaccine injuries? – Impossible! * link2source – * Government Spending is the Source of Inflation. Inflation is the tax, unless Taxes are Raised to Cover Spending. Typically, the currency is debased as

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