Featured Image By Alfred Jacob Miller – painter (1810-1874) – Walters Art Museum – Public DomainLink

link to MELTDOWN. After Republicans BLOCK “Voting Reform” Bill, Dems SCRAMBLE to Pick up the Pieces – ADDED 6-29-2021

The globalist are not even bothering to hide in plain sight anymore. “They have gone beyond hiding in plain sight.” – Paul Preston A21R – “There are RINO Republicans that are leaning with the Chinese.” – “Everyone is beating up on Dominion [the voting system].” – “Now we move forward. We have the election.” – “They play the Covid virus card.” “It’s phony as all-get-out.” [They have to cover for Dominium because of the audits. It’s hanging by a thread!] – emphasis added – See Agenda 21 for more!

H. A. Voigt – Unto Ceasar – link

“As massive Mexican immigration into the southwestern United States continues to occur in a climate of increasing turbulence and desperation, it will prove to be a tragic and quixotic historical event because the inevitable falloff in oil and gas supplies will drastically reduce the carrying capacity of the “Aztlan” region for all human life, whatever its race or national origin.” – pg 277-8

The Long Emergency – by James Howard Kunstler


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