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Is the Texas State Senate Race Jogging in Place?


Amateur writer, pianist, denizen of Houston and part-time GLBT activist

Notoriously a Republican state, Texas remains the Bible-thumping capital of the nation. Church and state continue to co-mingle in an unhealthy way, crossing boundaries and holding back the LGBT community from getting their rights. A review of the Texas State Senate race statistics has everyone questioning whether we are continuing to jog in place for another election.

As we head toward the election on November 6, the Republican Party has the majority of seats in the Texas State Senate. There are 12 Democrats and 19 Republicans. A total of 4 Republicans will be retiring. But the word is still out on whether a notoriously Republican environment can be taken over by Democrats with a more liberal agenda. As Texas politics continue to merge the doctrines of church with state law, it seems little progress is being made for the LGBT community.

It is a closer race than the Texas House of Representatives, where there are 49 Democrats and 100 Republicans. They are doubling up against a more liberal agenda to keep their foothold in maintaining conservative laws and what they like to refer to as “family values.” People who are part of the LGBT community also embrace their partners and families. They love each other and raise productive children in a nurturing environment. The big problem is that they are not allowed to marry or have access to the legal rights they deserve to support their families.

Personal choices are being clouded by the religious perspectives of Republican lawmakers. As President Obama expresses his support for gay marriage, a Republican majority threatens to hold back the LGBT community yet again. Major corporate players who support the Republican agenda donate big money to the Republicans. Often, it seems they are more concerned about protecting their money than supporting family values. It appears to be a thinly disguised veil of conservatism that detracts from the real issues of equal rights, poverty, medical care and Medicare.

As money is filtered into these campaigns that represent the beliefs of a small segment of the population, the rest of the country is being hung out to dry. We need to reach into our pockets to contribute whatever we can to Democrats with a liberal perspective. It is important that our voices continue to be heard through any forum where we can express ourselves. There is power in numbers and the LGBT community continues to grow and become individually successful. By working together, we can help facilitate much-needed change.

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