Texas is already overrun with Republicans and the State House race reeks of their presence. While the LGBT community currently has the support of Democratic president Barack Obama, things could get tough in the future. With gay couples facing the law for expressing their desire to get married, it leaves open-ended questions about how politics will influence personal choices.

It seems impossible to run our own homes when the Texas State House is overrun with Republicans. As it stands, there are 49 Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives, and 100 Republicans, with just one vacancy. It seems unlikely a more liberal agenda will win out in these circumstances. In a large number of districts, there is no Democratic candidate filed. The concerns and rights of the LGBT community continue to be held back with little House representation to back them up.

We also consider the top ten donors to the 2010 campaign. As President Obama’s people state, phenomenal sums of money are being poured into Republican campaigns. The wealthy conservatives want their agenda to stick and are willing to pay to make it happen. For example, Bobby Jack Perry was one of the largest donors. He contributed toward an array of Republican campaigns, including those of George Bush and Rick Perry. His wife, Doylene Perry, also made significant campaign contributions. There’s nothing like keeping it in the conservative family for these big money donors. Of course, the Associated Republicans of Texas also gave big bucks to ensure their presence in the House.

The Texans for Lawsuit Reform was another major contributor to the 2010 campaign. The majority of their donations went to support Republican candidates. We question how there can be true legal reform when judgments are passed on the growing LGBT community. Republicans publicly denounce our right to get married, have a family and live a free existence. Along with minimizing LGBT rights, women still face the concerns of abortion laws and equal pay for equal work.

The good old boys continue to rule the roost through contributions and domination. A country founded on freedom is now seeking to rob its citizens of their inherent rights to make personal decisions and be recognized as valid families. It seems that one of the only ways to get past this is to reach in our pockets and start pouring money into Democratic and liberal campaigns. As corporations continue to swing the Texas House of Representatives in their favor through contributions, we need to do our financial part to help facilitate change.


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Texas State House Race Reeks of Republicans


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