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link to Library of Congress Maps of Comets – antique – The Solar System, with the orbits of 5 remarkable comets.

The Sphere that is Earth

“By the 5th century B.C., it was widely accepted that the Earth is a sphere. This is a critical point, as there is a widespread misconception that ancient peoples thought the Earth was flat. This was simply not the case.

“In the 5th century B.C., Empedocles and Anaxagoras offered arguments for the spherical nature of the Earth. During a lunar eclipse, when the Earth is between the sun and the moon, they identified the shadow of the Earth on the moon. As the shadow moves across the moon it is clearly round. This would suggest that the Earth is a sphere.

link to Library of Congress – finding our place in the cosmos with carl sagan – articles and essays – modeling the cosmos – ancient greek astronomy and cosmology

Sphere of Empedocles

“The sphere of Empedocles being the embodiment of pure existence is the embodiment or representative of God. Empedocles assumed a cyclical universe whereby the elements return and prepare the formation of the sphere for the next period of the universe.

link to en DOT wikipedia DOT org – wiki – Empedocles # The sphere of Empedocles

link to EMPEDOCLES (c. 490–430 B.C.), Greek philosopher and statesman – 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Empedocles – link to self DOT gutenberg DOT org – articles – eng – Empedocles

link to – Lucretius: on the nature of the universe – archive DOT org – 1951 – link to kitty thinks DOT com – lucretius: the nature of the universe book v

link to sacred texts DOT com – earth – boe – boe10 DOT htm – “[…] the zone of the spirit of the heavens […]” … “[…] the zone of the planets–“sheep,” or “wanderers,” or “watchers.” […]”

“The earth also attempted to create monsters. Hermaphrodites, creatures without feet or hands, mouthless idiots, the blind, those with too many limbs… all those were produced but all in vain (presumably because they were infertile).” – see link below

link to


link to agenda 21 radio DOT news – 2021/07/13 – newsom can’t list himself as democrat on california recall ballot judge rules


link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/07 texas house votes TO send law enforcement TO arrest democrats WHO fled stat IN ORDER TO block gop passing voting laws


link to the gateway pundit DOT com – 2021/06 – georgia’s fulton county election board likely not happy election audit moving forward judge added case – link to the epoch times DOT com — breaking news: election integrity group analysis of ballot images in georgia county shows provable fraud


link to the gateway pundit DOT com – 2021/05 – breaking az audit director ken bennett dominion refuses comply subpoena turn password maricopa county machines

The Biden Fascist Regime (Related Links)

link to the thinking conservative DOT com – forensic report dominion voting system designed to influence election results – link to Rogue News RE: The Biden Regime “[…] this is no longer the future, this is the present.”


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