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Thank you for reading my blog. This is a new project for me. This entry is about San Francisco…a city in my heart. It will always remain there.

I recently returned from San Francisco. Where the restaurants were wonderful and so were my friends. I enjoyed travelling with my partner, and, I enjoyed visiting my best friends…again.

Unfortunately, my sister’s, who I came to visit, cell phone was disconnected for whatever reason. I did send her an e-mail in an attempt to communicate.

I will have to visit again in June. I am looking at hotels. Then maybe we can get together.

My returning flight was scheduled for the day after my partner’s. I was sitting at a cafe by what I thought was the correct gate for my departure. I was reading, sipping coffee and relaxing.

I thought there was very little activity there, at gate 88. I panicked when I realized that the next flight listed on the board was not my own.  As it turns out my flight had been moved to another gate, 92, located way on the other side of the airport -in the international area.

I ran there as fast as I could. As it turned out, I did make my flight. And I had a wonderful flight -the plane was only partially full.

Perhaps when gay pride comes around in June…?



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San Francisco


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