“He will never be my president.” – from someone I overheard. It could have been any one of millions of people in this country, so, it doesn’t matter who. This was soon after the election of Trump in 2016. The reaction of this person was an approach of opposition, of non-cooperation, and of dismissal of the sanctity of the will of the voters.


I am writing now about the uncensored me, the me who deleted his Facebook account, permanently on 11/6 – partly in protest of the censorship of pertinent information regarding the theft of the Presidential Election 2020, partly to protect myself. I am writing about the uncensored me who disregards and deconstructs the cognitive dissonance of everyday life, living surrounded by people duped by the mainstream media.

I can offer my own resistance. I believe that, despite massive fraud, Donald J. Trump will win in 2020. My spirit will not be broken, despite the blitzkrieg of propaganda. That’s what I mean by resistance: it is peaceful. It is the slow wearing effect of water.

The coming purge, like Maoist China.

This could be America under Biden. Embolden busy-bodies take names and photographs. Trump supporters could face retaliation…including me. “We are watching history repeat itself.” – read Paul Preston. The Trump supporters will be rounded up.

And then…

And then…

And then…

Too many dead people voting in this Election

“Projected winner” – is not a “winner.”

Angry Prepper


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