Kelly Loeffler – link

See the New California Youtube video: America is getting into the mentality of communism. Flashbacks to the Iron Curtain. Freewill and patriotism are necessary to overcome this type of corruption.

1946, March 5th. Churchill delivers Iron Curtain Speech: – link

Insurrection Act of 1807 – link

  • A classic progression into the death camps
  • Reverse Engineering the U.S. Constition
  • In California, the Constitution has been changed 600 times

Constitutional Conversations – link (Delayed Presidential Election)

Inflection Points in History

Great Reset Looms, Economy Stagnates on Fears of a Beijing Biden Asterisk Presidency – Styxhexenhammer66 – Youtube video below

Agenda 21 Radio, December 7, 2020

Testimony on Potential Georgia Election Fraud (Garland Favorito) – Lawsuit – link

BenBC – Ruby Freeman / Shaye Freeman Moss USB Transfer Breakdown

Castro Rainbow Flag SF CA 2018 1
HotRod80@HotRod801 – My other website


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