SF downton IMG_2022Mango Tango
Strawberry Cherry
Orange à l’orange
Cherries outrageous
Finally, Crème de menthe

What kind of beverage is fitting for the end of the World?
At the edge of the Universe
In a café.
When the stars fold in on themselves

La cerise
With whipped cream clouds
A dense overhang of
Mousse au chocolat

How to begin at the beginning
When you know the end is
El final
From the start

Isn’t The End always delicious
Is the final note of the ending
Lingering as the sweetest

Will the last Rose to bloom in Paris
Show the reddest petals?
In due course, Ma’dam
Or Mademoiselle?

Does one serve Malbec
Hors d’oeuvres
Can a disaster be plural?
Is this the end of both of us?

The finest and highest shall
The final point
Frosting Freezes

Fireworks on the horizon
Wedge a lime
Our hours shall pass

In the
End is near
Port-of-call on this cruise

At The Oscars
Your name is not
In the envelope
At the end of an interminable
Carpet of red.

l’esprit -youthful and nubile
Everlasting color fades fast
All things end

Its all good
Frosting on the Icing
Let them eat cake
The French Guillotine

Your finest crystal
at the edge
Sur la Table

La pièce de résistance
L’Arc du Triomphe
Chocolate covered ants
On a toothpick

Is finery theft?

grâce à dieu
It’s you!
You’ve come to meet me
My End is Due.

Deadlines, dead ends,
The final sobs
of a grieving mother

Permit me
Pleasantries and
Pleasant motifs

Absence and Absinthe


The murky love of chocolate
I bid you adieu


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To Die For


Amateur writer, pianist-composer, and denizen of Houston, TX. Email: james.legare@texan-gold.com -> I would be delighted to hear from you!

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