Time is like a Circle

It has been proposed, since ancient times that time is like a circle; the changing of the seasons, the annual Christmas, New Years, and other holidays, the revolution of the planets around the Sun, and the predictability of the habits, errands, jobs, tasks, duties and even pleasures of every day life.

This quickly passing year has been a revolving gift, as has the previous, as will be the future; Sparkles our cat, delights us with her antics every day, we decorate the trees with ornaments, the walls and shrubs with lights, the business continues to crank along like a well-oiled wheel, good fortune shines down upon us as the sunlight between dawn and dusk, and then, even the silvery Moon on a more sporadic but predictable schedule, Mars, the red planet, sometimes accompanies her, sometimes drifting on his own, and the heavenly constellations; pinpoints from the eons informing us now of the brilliance of the Milky Way.

Tony and Jim wish you many more years of bright lights, ocean waves, jagged mountain range peaks and laughing cats that do somersaults every day, every year, and every rotation of a circle: be it grand or small!

Happy New Year!

Tony + Jim + Sparkles


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Time is like a Circle


Amateur writer, pianist-composer, and denizen of Houston, TX. Email: james.legare@texan-gold.com -> I would be delighted to hear from you!

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