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You have to ask yourself: Who is really behind the social re-engineering? – “We the People have all the power.” – Q – Green screens provide actors with the backdrop of The Oval Office, Whitehouse, and Washington D.C.

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link to Taking on the Gender Identity Industry | with Maritza Cummings

link to These Stats Should Scare You. Will Blue States Vote Red? | Larry Elder | POLITICS | Rubin Report – link to Laurence Allen Elder (born April 27, 1952) is an American conservative and libertarian[1] talk radio host, author, attorney, and documentary filmmaker who hosts The Larry Elder Show. – The hellacious cost of living in California – link to elect elder DOT com – The cost of living in California is 150% the cost of living in the rest of the country. – “I ran out of reasons not to do it [Run for the office of Governor of California].” – “…2 jobs, 10 years, full time, cleaning toilets [RE: Larry Elder’s father] ” – “[My dad] an eight-grade drop out could not duplicate my father’s success if he worked three jobs.” – “My dad could look at a cake and tell you what’s in it. That’s just how good he was.” – Housing shortage due to radical environmentalists. – The 2021 California gubernatorial recall election is an upcoming special election on whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom scheduled to be held on September 14, 2021, with all voters set to begin receiving mail-in ballots on August 16, 2021.[1][2]link to sacbee DOT com – news – politics government – capitol alert article252113268.html – link to calmatters DOT org- politics – 2021/07 – newsom recall election date –


link to tatum report DOT com – michigan county officials give bonuses (TO THEMSELVES) FROM covid relief funds

link to america’s frontline doctors DOT org – treatments – ivermectin

link to Are conservative leaders trying to deflect and misdirect with their support of the jabber doo?

link to NEWSOM IN TROUBLE? – California Gubernatorial Recall Election Analysis – link to (Rumble) newsom in trouble california gubernatorial recall election analysis

link to (TWITCH) – Agenda 21 Radio July 26, 2021

Remember to Connect the DOTS – Masks Don’t Work

link to the epoch times DOT com – federal court rules against california gov newsom’s order barring private school in-person classes – link to (rumble DOT com) people are clearly tired of lockdowners and faucism


link to the epoch times DOT com – doctors raise awareness on ivermectin as treatment for covid-19 to help end the pandemic


link to the epoch times DOT com – first federal agency to mandate covid-19 vaccine (It’s actually NOT a vaccine) – link to (Bitchute) TOP DOCTOR: PREPARE FOR 3-5 YEARS OF “TURMOIL” DUE TO CREDIBILITY COLLAPSE OF MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT – “We the People have all the power.” – Q

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This unpretentious little book is the outcome of my own experiences and
adventures in Alaska. Two trips, covering a period of eighteen months
and a distance of over twelve thousand miles were made practically

In answer to the oft-repeated question of why I went to Alaska I can
only give the same reply that so many others give: I wanted to go in
search of my fortune which had been successfully eluding my grasp for a
good many years. Neither home nor children claimed my attention. No good
reason, I thought, stood in the way of my going to Alaska; for my
husband, traveling constantly at his work had long ago allowed me carte
blanche as to my inclinations and movements. To be sure, there was no
money in the bank upon which to draw, and an account with certain
friends whose kindness and generosity cannot be forgotten, was opened up
to pay passage money; but so far neither they nor I have regretted
making the venture.

I had first-class health and made up in endurance what I lacked in
avoirdupois, along with a firm determination to take up the first honest
work that presented itself, regardless of choice, and in the meantime to
secure a few gold claims, the fame of which had for two years reached my

In regard to the truthfulness of this record I have tried faithfully to
relate my experiences as they took place. Not all, of course, have been
included, for numerous and varied trials came to me, of which I have not
written, else a far more thrilling story could have been told.

Enough has, however, been noted to give my readers a fair idea of a
woman's life during a period of eighteen months in a few of the roughest
mining camps in the world; and that many may be interested, and to some
extent possibly instructed by the perusal of my little book, is the
sincere wish of the author.

                                                   MAY KELLOGG SULLIVAN.

Project Gutenberg's A Woman who went to Alaska, by May Kellogg Sullivan This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.  You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at

link to dangerous laboratories DOT org - radoz DOT html

link to smithsonian mag DOT com history - clarence dally the man who gave thomas edison x-ray vision 123713565- By Gilbert King
MARCH 14, 2012


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The Gestapo Deconstructing Society – And Their Version of Conversion Therapy


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