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The Gene-Pool Party -by James Legare 2-6-17

1. Mezclado – Me and…D’eau

into the MIX
the Water
it’s what’s important –
any pool, pool party, no matter, it’s true –
anyplace, anytime, anywhere,
just ask

Be still, Mon ami
Who wasn’t there? And,
who’s asking? And, more importantly still,
as yet, who is,
feet crossed at ankles graced by flip-flops,
no shorts to speak of
at Gene-Pool Party
-mon ami?

None that I could see. nada de eso – essentially.
One’s essence. Very Soul
But painted toe nails
fully pedicured. I noticed gracefully.
My favorite color thank you very much.
Glitter Bunny on an ankle bracelet. D’or. Of Golden. for a Golden man -l’homme, not a boy! …with a Golden Gun no doubt.
-Do as I say and no body gets hurt!
He says, quite pointedly
J’adore! -But not you.


Butts in a tray, upward, haphazard-ly
in vast charcoal anticipation
Moldering and smoking…

el corazón -the center of life, very Soul

Filters in air. Struck. Pigs-in-a-Poke.
Expiring, consumed by fire and all that’s smoke
has fire rising…unraveling me -un-threading
and Orange ash, velvet, fealty, lace
…and so RED
smoke-er still
sit ‘N there smoking-HOT
teeth-in-smile like ice in snow-ing
Go -strapped-in-there -showing
Jock-about-to-burst strap in chair. Dimpled abdominal muscles are bare naked Butt
Legs clamped shut thank you very much!
Char -legs toned too dark to be tanned

grounded-in pool and patio placed a drop in the ground
a watery swirl -ing, soul beyond the precipice -a sound much like gurgling
that seductive half-smile half-smirk? At angle, profile-view
both ostensibly facing the same precipice, as I’ve said…the edge that is…and yours truly
like lizards on a rock and a hard place

sitting beside me, as he was, I could reach out and touch…
…and your dimple’s showing. I’m OK with it.
Inspiring, the magic of a bar fly. How long will he pretend not to notice?
I could go on like this forever.

That is. And yet, somehow, a growing grin.
Eyes still towards the gurgling soul in front of us. A nicely placed Pool.
Knowing…ly. How delicious!

If only!
If he were a woman he would have had to have been
No, NOT politically correct -not that, nonsense
here, not now, passing time. Looks like he owns a truck. And, works with it.
but, that would have to be the
crux -the heart, fulcrum! Spinoza, what a name! Oh, GOD!
‘What’s the matter?’ -He asked -not between drags -never! However.
Would-be Fag Hag…
Have a smoke. And who’s left all these burning, two or three, not one.

2. XY and Chromosomes -its all in that damned double-helix like a circular stair to nowhere

Love his hair, his face, his eyes -even in the burnished sunlight brightly astride
The water’s Blue. I mean, before us both
the two of us
Matched by my partner’s eyes.
Not Bunny, he’s new.
He smokes, not, besides.
Jock-ever-present strapped over the thighs

Edged and edging like Sketch my friend
a man with that name
Sketchy’s an artist, of sorts
a patio sketched around, a rendition of suburbia
an artist’s conceptual drawing of the place we occupy
pool at center, galaxy teeming with life
and centering the moldering edges of the galaxy

the suburbia, an un-place to be sure
of Patio, and, Patio Chairs, leaving and entering
the occasional potted palm stood it’s ground, sentinel
French Glass Doors giving onto…
chips and salsa, nude guests, teasing, dread, teetering table-tops
a blanching sunlight never stops! Raunch and Loud over there
Well over the glowering ashes

Dreadful! To be bare. But not in your case. Would-be, as you are! Welcome to this alternate Universe

I’m here by the cigarette-smoker, hot smoking hired gun with a
cheap Western smirk on his face, Bunny. B-movie Bunny to you!
It’s the habit of the poorly connected. Go, ahead –
Ask him what he does for a living? Mowing lawns and washing cars when your not writing mon ami?

A noisy neighbor’s panting dog
Hot aluminum siding -out of place in Northern California
A Gay Affair, hot metal hanging on a wall
hung their hanging
this smoldering place, out of time
I must be out of my mind!
-things overheard poolside, entering the patio from inside, Deck Chair being moved
has to
scraping the surface, stone
Be my guest and make yourself at HOME.
Finally I’m out of the sun.
Under the squalor of a standing umbrella

Outside Splashing
attendant laughter
stairs descending
a Speedo left on a chair
alongside its towel
Buyer Beware, bring your own Sun Block.

Why not?
You were there – or perhaps not.

3. Agua Brillaba

California’s sparkling splendor and gold in a pan
The splendor of it all, Mr. ’49
Sunlight -ahhh yes!
mingling with water -the source of all
another tongue, another time, caress my soul -entonces
and a journey that ends -al final
at a mountaintop
in the Tibetan
grandiose and impoverished
Himalayas, and a pueblo

4. asiático

Mine, you were
so far so gone
to the very last precipice, the edge of my reality!
The Earth, at its ending. And then beyond.
How else to fall my love!
And then to the road of

He takes another drag in an alternate Universe that I do not occupy
The journey’s in my mind, you see
I think and think
must leave behind

Massive, staggering, saw-teeth-like mountains, fitting to the sky like a jigsaw puzzle

The thundering depths of it all, IT
Angel Falls
perspective on Vertigo, my curiosity
A ganglion taxonomy, perplexity
of overloaded circuitry
and curiously
would have, could it have been that moment?
routed down, backpacks in hand, so much in a heartbeat
summarily, and…

5. espíritu

How to act like it doesn’t matter
the interplay of light and Blue, water, soul and sky
the Sun has a way with it
it has always been you

to stay or remain
your life, your dreams
and your story -write it you idiot! -Dolt
The grandeur
of the road of…
ángeles, ángeles say you, with wings of the
Gold of the Sun

Just make it a cheap
wayward trip, Mr. Right Now meet me here,
where the alley ends
the love remains

a monk in Red, against a Blue Sky
on a plateau
of Silver nights
and banners, your enlightenment, etched in the stars all around us

6. The Future Remains

but presently
the running trace of
a droplet of water
skin-ward, down-ward
and the gravity-of-it-all ward
against sinuous leg musculature
and also, presently,
a bicep that bulges on
its way to another
drink by the side of
the pool -stepped over many times no doubt sketched there by The Artist
as the one is standing
half joking
not quite there
I can see him in
I can’t see him at all
Not all at once
Not here
Not now

Was there an ‘ever’ in that ‘never’?

7. ne plus rien

three simple words
the most famous of all
to be spoken
bespoke me
I recommend you never fall

and a White balloon at
a civil ceremony
in San Francisco City Hall
pulled by White horses
an edifice to our

raised to the heights of a
plateau in Asia,
Himalayas, Tibetan
staggering absorbing Blue was the sky
that just takes you
to Heaven
where there are no clouds, apparently
no water for that
not like here
imagine you

on a patio simply filled
with unused and useless, other than as an accessory,
flung like leaves or a prop
neighbors? -no interest
other than a panting dog

a drag, and another
simply imagined
near a sweaty beer
seated and facing
the sun-drenched love
of it all

8. California

here at the outer limits of
where suburbia burbles its
last, final gasp
beached onto the shores of the natural Universe, far from the nearest 7-11
relenting its life to
Napa Hills, Vineyards, Redwoods stately standing
the misty Dreams where
Guernville gurgles
amonst the trees
California Dreams itself

I find myself
unable to forget
on a patio for every-man

young and animated by laughter
is he
Pool bejeweled splashing about like a

and a little drunker still
my heart and soul
the road of angels swerves and curves
this way and that
nothing like a switch-back
nothing like a 180 turn-into-a-one-lane-er
nothing like a hairpin curve

legs submerged
velvet water, satin days
opaque and buttock
the silk of my heart
measured twice
backside turned to face me

don’t let it blindside you
my Tibetan monk
reality and its misgivings
Orange as the Sun rises
the grandeur of Asia

9. The Dragon ate my Heart

cada vez más fuerte
pedazos de mí mismo

like the jagged edge of the
sparkling pool where the
Blue gives way to
the Whiteness, the light of the Sun
laughs at eternity
far and away

the very idea of it

las trámites de la vida -cada día

say you
and the power of ‘Yes’

10. la vérité

es duro

It is The Path of Angels.

nous sommes toujours
Avec – el corazón
Or, le coeur, mon ami

Life’s a party when you’re in it.
Come Fly with Me
another riff
jazz from outside

11. AS-IS

As a jazz pianist explores the rules he wants to break
As the cosmos drifts
several dimensions intersect where we are
As my heart is filled and never full

Skiddy, the pool guy
skims seamlessly
just another day-laborer fixing the Universe
the stars weren’t always so orderly

Zen-like skimming as I say
Nude entirely, as the day he was born
youthful reflection in the pool skims back, looks just like him
the pole forms and angle, the potted-palms stand their ground, firm in their stance

I see him across the way, on the other side of the pool -from where I stay

Skiddy, the pool guy
competes for attention
with the Asian waiter who is in full drag
a man wanting to be a woman
wanting to laugh in the face
of this disgrace we call
The Land of Opportunity
Life’s defeats become
small victories

12. Dirty Pool

Hot and Bothered
Please bother me.
No, not you, the guy over there by my Provincetown Sand Dune

Don’t be so shy.
And, please, look my way
with the eyes
and drink me while
stirring my soul
my essence
-what kind of cocktail do you think I am? This isn’t the kind of outfit I would want to wear all night.

A void above the Himalayas
Him, this, you, fool!
Some One Like it Hot!
Some like…

Skiddy, the pool guy
the leaves are removed, methodically
slowly at first, the water murmurs in response
to this professional cleaning, this youthful endeavor
only an Adonis could do

Slowly at first
like fig-leaves on the rippling
what modesty was their to show, anyway?

washboard abdominals
afresh, anew
nothing between them and

13. solamente agua

Nada – between you and the Sun

really, that’s all, it’s all you!
dressed in sunlight, entirely, exclusively, no rayon for this fleece!
buff. Ripped, and torso-ed toned tantalizingly

14. mi hermoso hombre – Could there be different versions of Perfection?

Entertain, eternity. Descend the stairs. Naturally.
Descend into the sinking plasma.
Enticing and smooth, my knight of lightness.
The tingling sensation of a Party Just Getting Started -said the host, jovially.

Weightless knight, white unicorn of madness.

Just getting their…rocks in a row
Just try the water.
Get inside.
Cream of mine, its there. Cream…Dream…Whatever.
as it overflows its bounds to
invite you. The slow revolution of the stars. In symmetry.

No boundaries. Exuberant cream. You are but the Dream of the Universe. And your nonsense fits nicely into the master plan of – Skiddy, the pool guy, part-time model, actor, writer with a screenplay.

15. agua caliente

You would think this was L.A., but, it is merely Northern California. Getting past the editors, dreams and ideas intact, now that’s the trick.

16. Agua Pasada

What’s past is past. J’adore, T’aime, even before it began.

Invite me into your abode
mi casa, all that Jazz
who turned up the music?
Shut up and kiss me, stupid.
No, with your lips, Valentine!

Find a space and be there
Being ‘In the Life’ ain’t easy.
But someone’s gotta do it!

17. Hojas inutiles

leave it behind
useless thongs for
hiding nothing.
Although, not even that.

18. l’aube du jour

On the tops of the Himalayas, no less, no more. Mountains grooving upward with Thunder, Thor.

At present White leather
chairs, sofa in
the living room
more drinks on trays
with their magic
Potion, some consumed by it

Kill me Softly with your
somewhat soiled body in
this Architectural Digest
of a pad

There’s intimacy, and then, there’s this place for us.

Prone on the White couch, I awoke to Porn on a Plasma TV,
sounds of the dogs next door
lapping up water,
the living room Creamy White carpet
Dream ‘N Cream
reminds me of the inside of a cloud
with a rising Sun
Door to Nirvana
like Nieve at sunrise -or some called Snow
French Doors
and windows -lets Not Forget That
open to the slurping next door
full delight, lathering mouths
Behind the neighbor’s fence
Thank God, I didn’t have to watch!
The greedy slurping stopped
sated, large, dogs
California water
Pure Effervescence
the Pool-Set

like stones, heavy limbs
and a questioning heart, lingering
beating in my chest
the leather at my backside, sticky, moist

glass-top table, glass windows with increasing Orange brilliance unwelcome in my eyes
whata living room
half-finished drink in glass
many overnight guests had greased the wheels of the party
an industry LA-style
we are staying in this place. Sated Dogs, animalistic, lying on carpet and chair

heavy-set man with Orange hair
made the rounds as the
host, festive flair, and rings
should do, definitely, drink O.J. -I nod in agreement

19. Before your Heart Soars into the Stratosphere, check the small print

O.J. In-hand. It is back out to the patio, terrace, the surroundings of the pool. All about the moment, in my hastily worn shorts, or, perhaps, belonging to someone else of the same size. Come to think of it. Standing there, that moment was my Star Struck Silence. Or, as they say, Las Estrellas.

I love the man
beyond the stratosphere
who gathers the stars
and puts them into his pocket

The Gatherer of the Universe
watching diligently and tending
for errant
pin-pricks of light
the size and dissension
of Mammoths

20. l’immensité -la consigne

the assignment from a goddess
at the edge of the pool
the swirling immensity of the Universe
smiles knowingly with an instrument
gathering leaves designed just for that
a skimmer -the most important part of any Pool Party
for afterward, I am told

silently, like the vacuum of Space
inspiring-ly, like the soft caress of a flower petal
the waves found their way to me
just like gathering love amongst the shores
the hard banks of a pool
bewitching silence, and smile again toward me

21. la nudez

as I gaze across the pool
why dress for this job?
When you can hear a wave whisper
the wandering of a mosquito, extinct in Northern California
the pool guy engaged in his work
the Zen of excellence, a perfect hand to touch
murmuring of water the only sound
lap dogs gone away
and OJ to my lips, luscious
glass to the skin
softly as it gets as the pool approached with my walking
glass to table down
haltingly towards a stagger a whisper
a freshly cleaned patio with chairs in order, finally
chaos subsides
the dying slumber of a party
splash to all sides

murmuring the water whispers to me of all
bewitching it says
don’t let the grave silence you
Ya Gotta Love this Guy
said the three hags
in Hemlock
Drink, I say

…and looking at you the whole time, too.
Drop Dead!
I love it when you do that!

A star in my pocket!

22. por encima de todo

To top it all off
the wind through the…Bamboo!
In Vietnam, I would understand, but not here
Not a place but a state of mind
with my staggering, bewitching silence
a Dragon Fly
that soul of a Mosquito!
Continue to gather, as he does, my nude Adonis
I’ll watch
from afar,
at the other side of the pool

23. El Sol

Chartreuse and beguiling
The Sun overcame the clouds
Set in the Pool
Again and Again
Couched Blue in brilliance
A turn of Orchids
Richly White
Godlike Hue

24. Del Cielo

A White Cloud
surely inspired
an arched stem of White
Hawaiian in origin no doubt
now lingers, how slowly
it’s image progressing
along the medium of Blue
dappled surface
Pool, Under Sky, Under Heaven
Pacific in it’s Ocean
Oh, for the clearness of a Cloud now
eye of goddess, herself would care
to watch
again now with re-emerging

25. les oiseaux

birds happen by and bye
Bye, Bye
how shall he inspire me?
The Pool Guy?
With the Blue pole, elegantly, in-hand
searchingly, and surely
assuredly through
a tangent for the arc
spear my heart sparingly
Blue as my


26. la superficie

Come dazzle me!
As a breeze
lustfully lapping dogs left artfully far behind
teasing Bamboo
teasingly they slumber, rugged, Bronze
imaginary Mosquitoes a

violent Vermilion now stupefy-ingly
skittering dimples
Green like a Valley
atop a Blue

the Blue eyes of a Goddess on a man

27. sin agua

Due, me
Drop Dead your shorts left
far and behind
The Paradise
Nude and Dude, of
gracefully, curves as tension shifts
bi-tri ceps and dorsi
frontal and aside
bare as his feet leave their
left as well as right,
lateral, rigid, movement, firm, still wet
from a shower?
Watery marks in the shape of a footprint
left and to
search for a towel
and give in, air dry
back of the Bare House
a rambling California dream
and memories of Marcus,
lost to me
The Red-Robed amonst us
the staggering crags, dimensional-ity
moist, even when dry as dust
Himalayan Blue
skyward towards enlightenment
battering rams and bayonets
inundate the flood
of water, Blue
to fill the soul as a Pool
imagine a wandering river at bottom
of water rushing
along a steep valley, a tall standing man
skyward, stark, wet gaze
masculine form
while he, downward-watching, dutifully
eyes the leaves
him and myself
a ménage et trois
of sorts
shorts left wayside, poolside, unshorn
alongside the hot metal siding, aluminum of a soft reality at its core, un-worn
back to the task at hand, smoothly

28. hechizado

funny when a spirit visits
before an imaginary cloud
of Mosquitoes

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