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Amnesty budget bad deal immigration reform

Today’s Featured Image: By James Legare – Fountain in Madrid, Spain

link to immigration reform DOT com – 2021/07/15 – sneaking amnesty budget bad deal immigration reform DOT com – “While the inclusion of amnesty is a big deal and warrants concern, it remains an uphill climb for Democrats and the pro-amnesty lobby.” Amnesty being rushed through in Budget Reconciliation.

link to – link to

link to project veritas DOT com – news/ – google- machine learning fairness whistleblower-goes-public-says-burden-lifted-off-of-my-soul – FAKE NEWS – BLACK LISTS

link to the epoch times DOT com – 49 fully vaccinated new jersey residents have died from covid-19

Chimera Virus

link to LIES? GAIN OF FUNCTION FRAUD AND MORE! – ADDED 7-22-2021 * link to How many people in AZ believe the forensic results change things? According to pols not many. Sad. * link to Fauci Lied * link to Dems Turning on Fauci and Slowly Backing Rand Paul * link to washington post DOT com – opinions 2021/07/22 what the fight between anthony fauci and rand paul is really about

link to A/Z wants to DE-Certify – link to * “It’s time for the POOP to hit the fan.” – Agenda 21 Radio – Skipping to the interview with Dave Hodges: “Communist China is involved in this election.” – link to azogcc DOT az DOT gov – sites – azogcc DOT az DOT gov – files – meetings – Min 2019 4 12 Public Hearing Rare Earth DOT pdf – Breach in the voter roles to help ‘Ghost Voters’ –

California “in play”

link to citizen free press DOT com – breaking – California desperate to keep Larry Elder off recall ballot – “California has to hit rock bottom.” – “51% have to say ‘YES'”


link to Gold Rallies Despite DXY Rally, Brazil Makes Largest Gold Purchase Since 1999


The cartel has free-reign with the open border to send U.S. deadly Fentanyl

The New Reality and the FACTS about IT!

link to * People are Programmed by the Media * WHY BIG LIBERAL CITIES ARE GETTING WORSE: 4 Clear Reasons & Explanation… Plus A Solution! – link to Tribulation time nears as bad actors are exposed in increasing numbers. 23-30 will be crucial week – Michael Jaco explains how Biden Admin spends 2 Billion to NOT finish the wall – link to People Will Beg for Trump Back in 2024 at the Rate Things are Going – link to U.S. MILITARY TREASON CONFIRMED! DR. FOUL-XI STOPPED DEAD IN HIS TRACKS BY A GOP WARRIOR. +NEWS – link to breitbart DOT com politics 2021/07/21 larry elder wins in court california must put him on recall ballotlink to sgt report DOT com – 2018/05 – the 17 principles of UN martial law as per the kigali principles – link to Rogue News V and CJ 7-22-2021

Jan 6th Political Prisoners in the U.S.A

link to am greatness DOT com – author – julie-kelly

Texas Special Session

link to lrl DOT texas DOT gov – sessions – special Sessions – special Session Years DOT cfm

New California State – Agenda 21 Radio

link to A21R – Agenda 21 Radio – The Three-Gorges Dam in China and the possibility of serious “Biblical” flooding –

More California

link to california globe DOT com – world news – calpers is heavily invested in chinese companies


link to The Biology of Male and Female | with Robin Forbes-Lorman – link to Pride and Prejudice: Excesses of Acceptance – link to (bitchute) DOT com channel benjamin boyce

The Non-Proof Regarding the Non-Reality

link to BIG news of the DAY!

Still More…


link to Agenda 21 Radio July 23, 2021

link to URGENT: SUPREME COURT HAS CANCELED UNIVERSAL VACCINATION IN THE UNITED STATES * BITCHUTE * BIG-FARMA LOST A LAWSUIT * Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – link to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – link to State of the Nation


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