Kepler's Supernova

California Bill AB 152 is all about interfering with an audit of the voting machines and rushing the Recall of Gavin Newsom forward. A forensic audit is needed in California, especially with the 55 electoral votes misapplied to the former Vice President. – link to info about the bill.

And now: announcing $5 gas in the state of California. Also, utility prices are going to spike with “Disaster Capitalism” and emptying the reservoirs by opening the dams to allow the drinkable water to flow into the Pacific Ocean. This is a man-made drought.

“The affidavits are working their way through the system.” – Paul Preston – New California State – “When we pulled out the affidavit process…[the ball really started rolling.]” “They [the elected officials] are beholden to a corrupt election system.” “More and more of these elected officials throughout the state have elected to ignore the public.” “Go to the calendar feature on the New California State DOT com website.” “We are actually seeing success. We expect people to be prosecuted, and sending some people to prison. We are having people talk to us.”

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Kepler's Supernova
Kepler’s Supernova

“The big play going on right now: The ECB can go bankrupt while the FED cannot. The plan in Europe was to have a digital currency sponsored by the ECB – a competitor to the FED and the Dollar. The Fed retaliated by what they called: Pajama Pants. – The reserve requirement: paying them 5 basis points for the money the banks are holding in reserve – after the blowup in Ukraine. Liquidity was pulled from around the world because of the interest that is now being paid.” – Paraphrased – Chriss Street. Competition between FED and ECB to have digital currency. “There are big forces fighting digital currency behind the FED. Bitcoin got hammered this month. Bitcoin is going to be under pressure. link to personal financial DOT com – 2020/10/19 – why the chinese central bank fed and ecb want to compete with bitcoin btc cryptocurrencies

$31 Billion grafted from the EDD in California goes to China.

link to constitution DOT congress DOT gov – constitution – amendment-1 – It’s all about the affidavits. “It’s time to affidavit Newsom.” – Paul Preston

Crimes Against Humanity

[regarding the “vaccines] This thing has been planed since 2004. The patents for the genetic modifications, started to arise during the eighties, The patents started during the nineties. “Biden and Obama have been planning a crushing of Russia.” – Paul Preston. “These people [agenda 21] are serious about global depopulation.” […and population control.] Aluminum Oxide aerosol sprays – which probably causes autism in children. Again, they are deliberately draining the lakes in California and letting the water out to the Ocean. Now, the water brokers are making big bucks [Disaster Capitalism].

link to New California State Conference Call (Twitch) of 7-11-2021

link to iccnotrememberabout……. – ADDED 7-12-2021


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The CCP Lusts after California for its vast resources – still nominally a U.S. State


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