Texas and Nine Other States Sue – Case goes directly to SCOTUS docket

Youtube to Remove Election Fraud Content – NTD News (Communist Censorship Tactics) – link

The 1% of the 1% will do quite well under a Biden-Harris Administration *

  • * Stolen Election of 2020
  • link (styxhexenhammer666 Bitchute)
  • link (Agenda 21 Podcast, for various dates)

NEVER SAY DIE: More States Join SCOTUS Case! | Good Morning MUGCLUB

America’s Voice News – link


  • link Rep. Removed from Michigan House oversight committee amid investigation (for threatening Trump Voters) “Giuliani made claims that Detroit was responsible for 500,000 to 700,000 “illegal” votes being cast in Detroit for the 2020 U.S. General Election.” – Rod Meloni, Reporter, CFP

Texas v. Penn Lawsuit Updates, New Georgia Election Court Filings, Trump Cases Dismissed in AZ & NV

Cannot mention “Election Fraud” without being pulled off the internet/Youtube

#TexasLawSuit. And more! Join defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler to discuss and analyze recent developments and more election related legal news, including:  • YouTube details new polices and will remove certain election related content – we review and discuss the changes and agree to abide by the rules  • Arizona Supreme Court dismisses Kelli Ward / GOP’s claim after no significant duplicate ballot fraud discovered in court proceedings  • Nevada Supreme Court dismisses Trump lawsuit after last minute filings  • Trump, named as a plaintiff in his personal capacity, files suit in Georgia in Fulton County Superior Court  • New Georgia lawsuit has over 1,500 pages of filings – we review the highlights  • SCOTUS Docket Review in Texas v. Pennsylvania Et al. Case Number 22O155 and latest news  • Trump promises to intervene in Texas lawsuit and Court sets new deadlines for opposing party response  • Statements from other states (Missouri, Louisiana and more) indicating moves to join Texas lawsuit in U.S. Supreme Court  • Your questions and live chat after the presentation! Election Context Note: Watching the Watchers is a show dedicated to transparency, accountability and justice. As such, we commit to analyzing and discussing primary source documents (e.g., official court filings, statements from elected representatives, clips from YouTube approved news sources) as they relate to election 2020 litigation news to comply with YouTube’s effort to root out misinformation and #fakenews. Non-primary source claims or conclusory statements about a Trump election victory in the form of articles or Superchats can no longer be shared by Robert during the stream. As always, we appreciate your productive conversation during the livestream and your understanding of the reason behind these slight changes. We will continue to do our best to comply with the platform’s policies while bringing you useful legal news and analysis. Don’t forget to join us on Discord and grab a free copy of Rob’s book: https://discord.gg/KDXEZBqvxD The show starts at 5pm AZ time (4pm PT, 6pm Central, 7pm ET).   NEW! Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/robertgruleresq NEW! Audio only podcast: https://watchingthewatchers.buzzsprou… Discord is our free chat server for ongoing discussions before, during and after the livestream as well as where we drop copies of the slides from the show: https://discord.gg/KDXEZBqvxD Other tips? Send to tips@rrlawaz.com or tag @RobertGrulerEsq on twitter. #election2020 #SCOTUS #watchingthewatchers #electionlitigation #texaslawsuit

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Texas goes to SCOTUS 2


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