dinasors with a night sky as a background

Ahora vivimos en un mundo inflacionario; No es probable que regrese al 2%, difícil de medir la inflación con precisión, la política activa de la FED para debilitar el dólar.

Plutón, un planeta enano en nuestro sistema solar, está de hecho congelado. Orbita alrededor del Sol a una distancia promedio de unos 3.670 millones de millas (5.900 millones de kilómetros), y su temperatura superficial puede caer hasta -375 grados Fahrenheit (-226 grados Celsius). Este frío extremo se debe a su gran distancia del sol y su pequeño tamaño, lo que significa que no tiene suficiente masa para generar calor a través de la desintegración radiactiva. La superficie de Plutón está cubierta por una capa de nitrógeno sólido, metano y monóxido de carbono.


Notre-Dame de París: una catedral en la ciudad, en medio de nuevas batallas – link2source – Frédéric Ferlicot, en verdad lo sabe bien: «Será forzosamente diferente. » Nuestra Señora volverá a ser el primer monumento de la capital, su corazón espiritual, pero el incendio del 15 de abril de 2019 la habrá marcado para siempre. Va a nacer una nueva catedral.


Pluto, a dwarf planet in our solar system, is indeed frozen. It orbits the sun at an average distance of about 3.67 billion miles (5.9 billion kilometers), and its surface temperature can drop as low as -375 degrees Fahrenheit (-226 degrees Celsius). This extreme cold is due to its vast distance from the sun and its small size, which means it doesn’t have enough mass to generate heat through radioactive decay. Pluto’s surface is covered in a layer of solid nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide ices.

AI Generated 3-15-2024

******************************************************* PARIS *******

link2source – A Walk Around Place Saint-Michel, Paris – Michael Jiroch

link2source – Fontaine Saint Michel (Paris) – Frédéric Ferlicot

Notre-Dame de Paris : une cathédrale dans la cité, au cœur de nouvelles batailles – link2source – Frédéric Ferlicot, en vérité, le sait bien : « Ce sera forcément différent. » Notre-Dame redeviendra le premier monument de la capitale, son cœur spirituel, mais l’incendie du 15 avril 2019 l’aura marquée à jamais. Une nouvelle cathédrale va voir le jour. Frédéric Ferlicot

************** PARIS **********************************************

link2source – * Take into your hearts the dangers of nuclear war. * THE WESTERN ESTABLISHMENT IS PANICKED! – Harley Schlanger * The danger of Nuclear War is real. BTW, Ukraine cannot stop Putin. U.S. Congress wants war judging by the response to SOTU, Biden. Taurus Missiles to Ukraine.

link2source – The Vampire Ball is Ending per Putin. – ‘Ball of vampires’, nuke warning: Key takeaways from Putin’s interview, The Time of India. TOI World Desk / TimesofIndia.com / March 14, 2024 : Russia’s nuclear preparedness vs. US military’s inefficiency.

link2source – * Mark Faber * Investment Advisor * Marc Faber: buy gold, silver and platinum to survive inflation and tyrannical governments * Central Banks have forgotten their mission to maintain the value of the unit of account. * Inflation is an invisible tax / money printing.

Shubham Garg – https://twitter.com/WhiteTundraSG/ – Founder/CEO @ White Tundra Investments. Betting on the world’s growing thirst for Energy. I am not an investment advisor. – White Tundra’s next chapter begins today with White Tundra Petroleum, which has received AER approval to hold licenses for mineral rights + O&G wells!link

link2source – Experts Surprised — Gov’t Admits High Inflation — John Rubino – Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network – BTC – Bitcoin (an emerging asset class)

link2source – Bank Collapse, Civil War, and Gold & Silver – GoldSilver Pros

link2source – Why the Dollar Will Hyperinflate at Ludicrous Speed – RESERVE Currency in REVERSE – Rafi Farber

link2source – Shubham Garg: Paper Oil Keeping Oil Prices Range Bound While Supply Problems Loom In A Few Years – WallStForMainSt

link2source – The Secrets of Global Finance Explained with Luke Gromen (WIM445) – Robert Breedlove

link2source – Patriot Act 2.0 for Social Media, Tiktok ban – ALEX JONES [2 OF 4] THURSDAY 3/14/24 • ROBERT BARNES – NEWS, REPORTS & ANALYSIS • INFOWARS


Fox News reported that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y) has not yet committed to bringing the TikTok bill to a vote in the Senate. However, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has indicated that the lower chamber will place significant pressure on the Senate to approve the legislation.

link – american military news DOT com – 2024/03 House Passes Tiktok Ban Bill, MARCH 14, 2024 TIMOTHY FRUDD



More broadly, scholars have found mindset is associated with a range of functional effects in different areas of people’s lives. This includes influencing a person’s capacity for perception by functioning like a filter, a frame of reference, a meaning-making system, and a pattern of perception. Mindset is described as shaping a person’s capacity for development by being associated with passive or conditional learning, incremental or horizontal learning, and transformative or vertical learning. 

link – Wikipedia contributors. “Mindset.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 29 Feb. 2024. Web. 14 Mar. 2024.



link2source – ALEX JONES [1 OF 4] THURSDAY 3/14/24 • ROGER STONE & SLINGSHOT NEWS, REPORTS & ANALYSIS • INFOWARS * Replacement Migration to change the demographics of the U.S., granting mass amnesty and thereby creating a one-party socialist state.

link2source – Why The Silver Price Slipped Today – (On Verge Of MAJOR Breakout) – Smart Silver Stacker * Inflation shows signs of not abating. Disinflation?

link2source – BITCOIN COULD BE RUNNING OUT OF STEAM ??? – Financial Turmoil Explained – 3-14-24



link2source – THE TIKTOK BAN BILL IS BASICALLY A DIGITAL PATRIOT ACT – styxhexenhammer666 * tiktok trojan ban

link2source – TikTok Ban; Cori Bush & Hank Johnson; Robert Hur Report – Trailer Trash Tim – 3-14-24

dinasors with a night sky as a background
Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Pexels.com


link2source – I’ve Been Advocating Gold Ownership For 40 Years and I’m Still Buying: Commodity Culture

link2source – Lawrence Lepard: Setting the Scene for Infinite Q.E. – The Fed’s Next Move? * We now live in an inflationary world; Not likely to return to 2%, hard to measure inflation accurately, FED active policy to weaken the dollar. * We are in a sovereign-debt crisis.



Teleportation is a fictional transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. It is a common subject in science fiction literature and in other popular culture. Teleportation is often paired with time travel, being that the travelling between the two points takes an unknown period of time, sometimes being immediate. An apport is a similar phenomenon featured in parapsychology and spiritualism.[1][2]

link – Wikipedia contributors. “Teleportation.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 25 Feb. 2024. Web. 13 Mar. 2024.


link2source – NATO Falling Apart – The US that Hurts My Heart | Col. Larry Wilkerson

Commander Spock and Captain James T. Kirk, played by Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, pictured here in the original series

Travel back in time and enjoy history first hand; you’ll be in the right place at the right time. However, do not give the ending away, you’ll be a spoiler. (Yes, I know; if only.)

Thanks for reading; Teleportation, possible now, just like Star Trek.

I wish you peace, and I hope for peace throughout the world.

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Teleportation, possible now, just like Star Trek.


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