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Situation Explosive on a Scale that is Unappreciated. *

Si no es Ucrania, no importa. – If it’s not Ukraine, it doesn’t matter. **

The crime of dissent perpetrated here. – El crimen de disensión perpetrado aquí. ***

Silver is probably the world’s most critical and strategic mineral. – La plata es probablemente el mineral más crítico y estratégico del mundo. ****

link2source – Faster Private Gold Shipment Options  – USPS as opposed to private carriers for Gold, Silver Bullion.

link2source – Why Was the U.S. Silver Stockpile Raided by DOD? – Jon Forrest Little – November 30th, 2023 – Silver is probably the world’s most critical and strategic mineral. (Yet it’s somehow not considered critical by the U.S., even as the Department of Energy has classified other metals as critical.

link2source – 23 US states move to reclaim gold and silver as legal tender – Friday, April 07, 2023 08:21 AM | Invezz via QuoteMedia

link2source – Senate Border Bill; the Mayor of Chocolate City; Pink’s Music not for Everyone – Trailer Trash Tim – 2-06-24 * Boarder “Security” Bill : $118 billion bill on border security, aid for Ukraine, Israel *

link2source – Democrats “PREPARE” another “HISTORIC” 2020 election. Rehearse in S. Carolina, Biden gets 96% – Emil Cosman – 2-5-2024

link2source – The Debt Tsunami Is Devouring the Economy. – maneco64 – 2-5-2024

link2source – Biden’s Scheme To DESTROY America at Texas Border. NYC, Chicago, L.A., BUCKLE under immigrant load. – Stephen Gardner – 2-5-2024

link2source – What Has Recently Been Happening In Europe Has Now Arrived Here – SaleDaddy1 – 2-5-2024

link2source – How Calculating Putin is? | No Bright Future for Netanyahu | Ray McGovern

link2source – Chris Irons: No Soft Landing In Sight, Means Unavoidable Performance in Hard Assets * Debt-to-GDP ratio *

link2source – Johnson, Senate $118B dead on arrival. Germany-Ukraine security deal. Unlocking your inner Elensky (Zelensky) – Alex Christoforou – 2-5-2024 * Negotiators release $118 billion border bill as GOP leaders call it dead in the House – NPR – UPDATED FEBRUARY 4, 2024 * Speaker Johnson: Border bill is ‘even worse than we expected’ * $60 Billion to Ukraine in BILL *

link2source – Monday Musings & Throwing You A Curve… – Trailer Trash Tim 2-5-2024

link2source – Col. Douglas Macgregor: To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran – Judge Napolitano – 2-5-2024 * 85 Bombing Raids in 4 Days * Situation Explosive on a Scale that is Unappreciated * 7th of Oct, 2023 in Gaza * 100,000 deaths from Fentanyl last year.

link2source – WILL THEY KICK TRUMP OFF THE BALLOT ? – Financial Turmoil Explained 2-05-24 * The growing fracture down the middle. * Hyperinflationary Depression Coming Soon!

link2source – ALEX JONES [1 OF 4] MONDAY 2/5/24 • SO-CALLED “BORDER BILL” NEWS, REPORTS & ANALYSIS • INFOWARS – Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3, of the U.S. Constitution :  Individual states could not enter into agreements or treaties with foreign nations. But, in the event of foreign invasion, an individual state could respond. *

link2source – THE “IMMIGRATION BILL” IS BARELY EVEN ABOUT IMMIGRATION – Styxhexenhammer666 – 2-4-2024 * The: Funding Foreign Wars Bill * El: Proyecto de ley para financiar las guerras extranjeras.

link2source – Tucker at Bolshoi. Timoshenko smells Elensky weakness. US/UK strike Yemen. Farmers protests grow – Alex Christoforou – 2-04-2024

link2source – AXIS OF RESISTANCE NATIONS ARE WAITING FOR THE USA TO COLLAPSE… – 2-5-2024 – 2024: $10 Trillion in debt – Hyperinflation? Civil War / Texas secession? – U.S. Treasuries will be auctioned off – Buyers? FED to buy U.S. debt in lieu of actually Bidders? – Israel Defense Forces – IDF


link2source – Avdiivka situation is CRITICAL. Ukrainians report. Russians enter North of town. Encirclement fears – Emil Cosman – 2-4-2024


link2source – Anon Authors… Personalities don’t matter as much as you think – EXPLORERS’ GUIDE TO SCIFI WORLD – Cliff High

link2source – FARMER PROTESTS EXPLODE ACROSS EUROPE – Styxhexenhammer666

link2sourceGlobalist, Humanist Agenda: Porous Border between U.S. & Mexico. – ALEX JONES [1 OF 2] SUNDAY 2/4/24 • STOP THEIR AGENDA, NEWS, REPORTS & ANALYSIS • INFOWARS

link2source – Collapse w. Dmitry Orlov (Continuum Ep. 15) – Keith Woods – Dmitry Orlov: writer, American engineer, commentator on permanent crisis in the U.S., born in Novokuznetsk, Russia, 1962.

nature beach vacation sand
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Technological-Corporate Hitmen by Knight


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