Demonstration in Helsinki against the invasion

link to heart-land daily news DOT com – 2021/07 – fauci v paul and 3 other takeaways from senate covid-19 hearing

Today’s Featured Image: By Szilas – Self-photographed, Public Domain

wuhan coronavirus origins

link to town hall DOT com – tipsheet – katie pavlich 2021/06/28 dr fauci a no-show at latest hearing about wuhan coronavirus origins – link to Everything You Wanted To Know About the COVID-19 Gene Therapy

link to the goodly lawful society DOT org – breaking news the supreme court in the us has ruled that the covid pathogen is not a vaccine is unsafe and must be avoided at all costs big pharma and anthony fauci have lost a lawsuit fi – link to constitution center DOT org blog on this day the supreme court rules on vaccines and public health – link to ronabbass DOT com – 2021/07/23 – urgent: supreme court has cancelled universal vaccination in usa – link to roxytube DOT com – watch the supreme court in the us has ruled that the covid pathogen is not a vaccine is unsafe and must

Dear Reader: I hope and trust that the information in this publication – which is a non-profit and free to all – is accurate. I strive to provide reasonably accurate and vital information – James Legare 7-23-2021

link to the epoch times DOT com mkt morning brief – nonprofit sues hhs to immediately stop emergency-use authorization of covid-19 vaccine – link to pdf of Alabama Complaint

Youtube Algorithms Punish You

link to Bidenflation is Really Gonna Make Democrats Pay a Heavy Midterm Toll – 2/3 of respondents concerned about inflation – Shovel-Ready 2.0 a-la Former-Vice-President Biden – You’re not working because Biden-omics is working. – link to Bitchute – Styxhexenhammer666

In A Win for the Very Idea of Private Property…

link to the epoch times DOT com – federal court rules CDC’s covid-19 eviction moratorium is unlawful – link to U.S. District Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit – link to we are change tv DOT us – 2021/07 federal court rules cdc’s covid-19 eviction moratorium is unlawful – SCOTUS – link to SCOTUS: Alabama Association of Realtors et al v DHHS – link to SCOTUS BLOG scotus blog DOT com case-files cases alabama association of realtors v department of health and human services: Application to vacate stay denied on June 29, 2021. Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch and Barrett would grant the application.

VAX Passports

link to breitbart DOT com – politics/2021/07/24 ron desantis win federal appeals court reverses cdc order vaccination rules

And Still More…Errata

link to reason DOT com – volokh 2021/02/06 scotus decides south bay v newsom ii – enjoins complete prohibition on indoor worship services

link to Something is about to pop warns top military officers as they race to supply their families.


link to Taking on the Gender Identity Industry | with Maritza Cummings

link to essay on queer theory DOT html – “[…] Jacques Derrida came up with a theory known as post-modernism.” – “Queer Theory is a study that became widely known in the early 1990s, but its studies date back to as early as the 1960s.” – “Although there are many scientists, sociologists, doctors and psychologists who have contributed to the study and works of Queer theory, the four that this essay focuses on are Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Alfred Kinsey and Judith Butler.” 

Something is about to pop.


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