Palm Springs 2019

According to Wikipedia, ‘Spacetime’ refers to…

” – any mathematical model which fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold.”

And it is here that the possibility of time travel is introduced with the means being tucked away in the wormhole(s)

“[…] if we cannot move faster than light in this universe, perhaps we can take a shortcut”. (Pickover,xvi)

…via a crumpling of space.

“This severe folding takes place in hyperspace so that two seemingly far-away points are brought closer together.” (Pickover, XVI)

I shall provide the bibliography of the scholarly journals as well as the photographic evidence that demonstrate that not only is time travel possible, but, it is inevitable.


As the below, somewhat out-of-focus photograph shows, I was swimming in a pool in February. This was not in my own pool however. February is too cold in Houston, TX for that. This photo was taken in Palm Springs, CA. – Who took this photo? – you may ask. It was me, photographer and subject. It was time-travel; that’s how it was done. However, as is frequently the case in science (and I am not a scientist) the question of the circumstances will be far more fascinating then the technique used to provide the data.

Green Cats

Although I appear to be alone in this photograph, that was not the case at the time; which was approximately the year 2084. It may be that it will be 4 years more or less. However, I know that it will be an election year because this photo will be taken (again, by the author) at a Presidential Election party at a very fine Mid-Century Modern home, with a patio and pool, obviously, in a town that has remained to be referred to as: Palm Springs within a very large state that will still be referred to as California in what remains of the United States of America. What you do not see in the photograph, because they are off to the side, are the green cats.

The green cats are not died green, that would be cruel. They are green. That is to say, they have been genetically modified to have green fur. Tennis-ball green.

Dr. Drummel

“The cats were a mistake.” – Dr. Drummel, the host of the Presidential Election party, which will become a holiday, set aside for major celebration as well as the election of the next U.S. President itself. “You understand, there was, and still is a great deal of experimentation, trying to devise life-forms that can assist humankind living in space on the new planet.”

The “New Planet” is kind-of a long story. So for now, I will concentrate on the Green Cats. Also, I will explain why I am entirely not happy with this photograph, aside from the obvious flaws.

Swimming Cats

In science, as with many of life’s worthwhile endeavors, trial-and-error is sometimes necessary. This is also true with time-travel which is by no means a mature technology. In fact, it is more of a method than a technology. It is a means of travel.

As it turns out with the accidental genetic results of green fur: the gene determining this specific fur color is also on the same allele as a gene that expresses itself with the behavior of the cats instinctually jumping into pools and swimming. So, these are cats that enjoy swimming. I saw them swimming before. I’ve clocked in a number of years trying to travel back to this party to get the photographic evidence that, in the furure, cats will enjoy swimming, provided that they are green!


This post is a work of FICTION. All characters in this and following stories under the SPACETIME heading are fictional other than myself. No green cats were harmed in the writing of this post. Copyright protected, all rights reserved. 8-13-2020


Surfing through Hyperspace: Understanding Higher Universes in Six Easy Lessons – by Clifford A. Pickover


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