GG Park SF CA Lily Pond March 2017

Running Sandpipers
hot grains of sand
Sea Grass
A restless sea

Gulls adrift
expanse of Blue
rippling, slurring,
windswept sand

Where Time stands still
A second time, and then again
And Look!
Encroaching clouds. Frothing White.

A bank of Blue
The White crest; quite lazy still
of a wave, inept, still, tenderness
sultry in its desolation, to caress

Desultory, standing still, no less
a castle, with shells -a child’s
built to futility, feckless edifice
abandoned to recklessness…Until

A well, Regal, Orange
and weltering
burnished Sun, blazing into Brown
emits all, extinguishing Bronze…
then Black

Settles lightly
at a line without
without tendresse

and submerges
where visible still
in significance

with a view of sand and stand visibly
sea in front and
with me
in all finality

But with me
fully burnished Bronzed and Teal and Teak
finally as it happens
All IS,
and quite pointedly,

Copyright Protected Work 1-25-17 -James Justin Legare

City Hall San Francisco CA
Chicago IL Park
Chicago IL Park


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Sky and Sand


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