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The next two entries present information about San Francisco’s GLBT History Museum based on research and an enlightening interview with Don Romesburg, PhD in History, Professor of Women’s and Gender studies at Sonoma State University, and Co-Curator at San Francisco’s GLBT- History Museum.  Dr. Romesburg stresses the museum’s importance in a most insightful explanation:  “When people realize our history, our culture, and our struggle, they will see us as people and as people worthy of rights, recognition, and respect.”

Fueled by decades of great effort, success, and years compiling archives, the first ever GLBT History Museum opened its doors in 2008 as a one year pop-up gallery.  When over 25,000 people visited, the GLBT Historical Society recognized the need to permanently showcase a history that is universally relevant to our present and future as a people.

Located on 4127 18th Street, and open daily, admission is a mere $5 and $3 with a California Student ID.  The museum also offers audio tours, group tours, and student tours.  Moreover, three to four times monthly, the museum hosts events such as:  film screenings; panel discussions; and, author readings.  Attendance for such events varies between 40 and 80 people, so be sure, when you set your travel itinerary, be sure to visit the GLBT-History Museum website, www.glbthistory.org/museum, in order to find out when such events are held.


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San Francisco: City of Soul; City of Passion

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