woods covered with snow

Our views are balanced and fair.

The horizon is limitless,

and the storm clouds have departed.

Find your destiny and focus on what’s real!

Step bravely forward and fight with evil’s lesser cousin.

Stiletto Saks Fifth and a saxophone

play the part of Sirens.

Rocks and all! How do I do it!

you walk on slightly more hurried, depleting self-assurance.

Vast quantities of energy, printed with abandon, spent with disinterest.

Are you still the ‘Good Night’?

wobble on your pedestal,

and your expression changes momentarily,

in the face of evidence to the contrary.

But unbalanced glances. Your looks are fatal, or so it is said, at least within earshot.

Although too dark for sun glasses, Gucci or not!

The Sun’s rays, the forest of Knights, dragon’s in the sky, passed.

Then twilight, where the magic is just beginning, city or country, it’s still the same.

could you run away from yourself ? – you think.

Rose-tinted outlook, nature’s splendor.

How could I forget the magic?’ – you say to yourself,

disregarding the increase in wobble,

an orbiting ankle, the tilt on an uncertain axis, causing aeons of trouble.

The dragon’s self-regard, the all-consuming starlight, chases it’s own tail.

The planets in their place, lost in self-absorption, fixed in an orbit.

They are secure. I’ll give them that!’

Time-obliterated memories, squandered in preoccupation.

Lost in a lifetime.

The factories burning time with the fuel of hydrogen,

and energy.

Space-time and its cosmic web.


I left home to lose the game.

(Will you ever return?)

another galaxy,

far from home



You heard me correctly.

Rose-tinted outlook, self-regard & absorption, – by James Legare. 7-5-2023

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woods covered with snow
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

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James Legare

The goal of this publication is to educate; presenting facts, history, and ideas, before they are obliterated. Nothing in this publication should be interpreted as investment advice. Texan Gold Real Estate, LLC – james.legare@texan-gold.com. Thanks for reading!


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Rose-tinted outlook, self-regard & absorption


Amateur writer, pianist-composer, and denizen of Houston, TX. Email: james.legare@texan-gold.com -> I would be delighted to hear from you!

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