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Affidavit: he has declared under oath

link to NCS51 Public Conference Call for 7-04-2021 on TWITCH –

Paul Preston briefly explains Affidavit strategy in California and Gavin Newsom

“The Affidavits are working, working, working.” – “This is not lost on Gavin Newsom’s ears.” – RE: Gavin Newsom’s Recall – AND – “They didn’t have enough time to pull it all together – the cheat.” – RE: The Discrepancies between the Ballots as evidence and the Totals from the Voting Machines

Paul Preston, NCS51
Imbalance of Ballots vs. the Electronic Numbering

link to eeoc DOT gov – sexual orientation and gender identity sogi discrimination – link to qz DOT com 1873183 – a history of paper ballots shows the evolution of us democracy – link to the federalist DOT com – 2021/07/01 – scotus ruling brings clarity to voting rights act – upholds ban on ballot harvesting: “SCOTUS overturned a Ninth Circuit ruling that Arizona law violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, adding much-needed clarity to Section 2 claims.” – The Federalist: July 1st., 2021 – by Margot Cleveland

link to infogalactic DOT com – info – Secular religion

By NASA, ESA, J. Hester and A. Loll (Arizona State University) – HubbleSite: gallery, release., Public Domain

Ballot Harvesting

link to supreme DOT justia DOT com – cases – federal – us 594 19-1257: “For Arizonans who vote early by mail, Arizona HB 2023 makes it a crime for any person other than a postal worker, an elections official, or a voter’s caregiver, family member, or household member to knowingly collect an early ballot.” –

Forced Vaccination Nuremberg Style

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/07 rep massie members voluntary military say quit vaccines mandated 24 lawmakers sign anti mandatory vaccine bill

Biden’s 90s Drug Bill which he was the Architect of: The Memory Hole

link to Biden, Psaki, and the Completely Insane White House Messaging on Policing and Crime

AZ Ballot Audit

link to Newly Discovered ‘Ballot Duplication’ Documents; Senate Extends Fairgrounds Contract | Facts Matter

Bikini Island Nuclear Testing and Other Fusion-Related News

link to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown & Nuke News July 5th 2021


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Rigged Elections and the Former Vice President with Current Acting VP QUE-MALA in July


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