Provincetown Peace Rainbow Flag

Rainbow flag and blue skies.jpg
By Ludovic Bertron from New York City, Usa –, CC BY 2.0, Link

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…Because life’s too short to spend it in the closet.

Like the balloons escaping from their imprisonment, our spirits cannot be contained. Although, the colors are not the official tones of the Rainbow Flag, let us use our imaginations. We shall change the world.

As the giant pink triangle unfurls over Twin Peaks for the Gay Parade up Market Street, SF, so, too, our multi-toned spirits shall drift skyward. May we all find our place in the stratosphere.

It is merely a matter of following the helium balloons, and your pure imagination -to borrow the term from the late and legendary Gene Wilder.

-James Legare 6-17-17


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Rainbow Flag


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