White Rose

to gutter into darkness
the candle light lingers
an evening nearly spent
finally, resolutely, the
rain comes
and doused the memory of a
day spent at the beach
washed sand
watch the restaurant window
and a “closed” sign, apologetically
the gold light turns
to night as
I walk on, along the sidewalk

recently walking amongst
the rays above the sand dunes
the tide which brings
such delicious solitude
as trapped as we were
in paradise
Providence would have it
green grass betwixt the sand

how vaguely a breeze
sand gritty, merely
unforgiving, hastily escapes
to destinations, undecided
I walk a hot path
edged on by the wind
the ridge of sand to
be subsumed
into a drowning Ocean

And finally,
that is where my life, essence,
is carried away by, as I look upon the Blue,
the currents.
Away from a town, defined by swirling light.
Settled by Pilgrims
above the rising tide
As Providence would have it.

-by James Legare
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Amateur writer, pianist-composer, and denizen of Houston, TX. Email: james.legare@texan-gold.com -> I would be delighted to hear from you!

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