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El crédito es un insumo necesario para la agricultura moderna. – Sacar a la luz la verdad. – POR QUÉ EL COLAPSO DE ESTADOS UNIDOS SERÁ MUCHO PEOR QUE EL COLAPSO DE LA UNIÓN SOVIÉTICA. – estás en el menú. – Esto fue un fracaso de un pequeño banco. – Estilos de vida de ricos y famosos ***

**************************** Jill Stein arrested

link2source – Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Arrested – daily caller DOT com – 2024/04/28 protest washington university – HAILEY GOMEZ – Jill Stein was arrested Saturday night while protesting in support of Palestine on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Fox Digital reported. * Related to this story: Mike Lawler And Ritchie Torres Want To Send Antisemitism Monitors To Campuses, Pull Funding From Noncomplying Schools – link2source – ROBERT MCGREEVY – Republican New York Rep. Mike Lawler and Democratic New York Rep. Ritchie Torres are planning to introduce legislation to send antisemitism monitors to college campuses and revoke federal funds from schools that don’t comply, the GOP lawmaker announced in a Friday press release.

Congressman Mike Lawler (R-NY-17) *** Congressman Ritchie Torres (D-NY-15)

This legislation, the College Oversight and Legal Updates Mandating Bias Investigations and Accountability (COLUMBIA) Act, would empower the federal Department of Education to impose a third-party antisemitism monitor on any college or university receiving federal funding. The monitor would be appointed by the Secretary of Education, the terms and conditions of the monitorship would be set by the Secretary, and the expenses of the monitorship would be paid by the particular college or university that has been selected for monitorship. Failure to comply with the monitorship would result in the loss of federal funds. The monitor would release a publicly available online quarterly report, evaluating in detail the progress that a college or university has made toward combating antisemitism on campus and issuing policy recommendations to Congress, the Secretary, and state and local regulators as needed.

ROBERT MCGREEVY – HAILEY GOMEZ – linklink – – link2PRESS-Release

**************************** (COLUMBIA) Act

link2source – Syrsky, fighting Russia is hard. Lithuania hints Crimea bridge attack. Dr. Jill Stein arrested – Alex Christoforou * Nord Stream pipeline sabotage *

**************************** The Food Supply

link2source – WEF : Attacking the food supply. – NSANE VS SANE – DEMONIC VS DIVINE | CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS – You’re on the menu.

**************************** Bail-in Bank Failure & Hold to Maturity (extend and pretend?)

link2source – News of Bank Failure Hits at Time of the FDIC’s Choosing. – ANOTHER US BANK JUST FAILED (Keep An Eye On Physical Silver Premium) – Smart Silver Stacker. (This was a small-bank failure.)


link2source – WHY AMERICA’S COMING COLLAPSE WILL BE FAR WORSE THAN THE COLLAPSE OF THE SOVIET UNION – BBN – Credit a necessary input for modern farming. *


Yout-Tube Playlist-link for 4-27-2024



link2source – Liberals: I think we just stepped on a land mine. RE: Obvious political persecution of Trump via the kangaroo courts. – styxhexenhammer666 – THE PERSECUTION OF DONALD TRUMP, PART INFINITY. * ALVIN BRAGG : Alvin Leonard Bragg Jr. (born October 21, 1973) is an American politician and lawyer who serves as the New York County District Attorney, covering Manhattan. – link2source – New York County District Attorney – Bragg was sworn into office on January 1, 2022. – Donald Trump prosecution – Trump was indicted on March 30[25] and arraigned on April 4.[26] Trump pleaded not guilty.[27] It was the first indictment of a former president in United States history. * link2source – ALVIN BRAGG’S CASE AGAINST TRUMP IS COLLAPSING!!! – Dr Steve Turley – collapse of Hindenburg proportions –

****** Frankensteinian Legal Case: ALVIN BRAGG, 37th DA, Manhattan. **********

Trump accused of a felony because he committed a low-level misdemeanor. – link2source – ‘Battlelines’ drawn as jury hears opening remarks in Trump hush money case – Opening arguments deliver starkly different portraits of the former US president in historic criminal trial. – aljazeera DOT com – Hush money to hide supposed-affair with Stormy Daniels from his presidential campaign. – NOT a valid, coherent case against Trump, but instead, frankensteinian in its slapped-together absurdity.


link2sourceOtto Kahn: Art, Money, & Modern Time – ARCHIVE – 10/10/2003 –

Born and raised in Mannheim, Germany, Kahn moved to London, where he became a British subject before going to the United States in 1893 on a temporary assignment that led to permanent residence and eventual partnership in Kuhn, Loeb, a private firm of investment bankers whose initial wealth developed largely from railroads in the United States and Europe. He learned much about “the art of the deal” early in the century from E. H. Harriman, a difficult man who nonetheless served as a kind of mentor in bold railroad entrepreneurship before Kahn moved on to investment in European banks, floating bonds for France during the war, and investing in central Europe and Japan after the war and in Germany during the later 1920s. – German-born American investment bankercollectorphilanthropist, and patron of the arts. – (February 21, 1867 – March 29, 1934) 

link – – Otto Hermann Kahnlink2youtube Eric Koch@eokoch –


Phillip Julius Goodhartlink2source – 20 March 1856–26 April 1944 –


Born on 20 March 1856, in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. – He married Harriet “Hattie” Lehman on 2 November 1882, in Manhattan, New York County, New York, United States. They were the parents of at least 2 sons and 1 daughter. He immigrated to New York City, New York, United States in 1938 and lived in New York City, New York County, New York, United States for about 35 years. He died on 26 April 1944, in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States, at the age of 88, and was buried in Salem Fields Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States.

link2source –


Diagrammatic reasoning –

Diagrammatic reasoning is reasoning by means of visual representations. The study of diagrammatic reasoning is about the understanding of concepts and ideas, visualized with the use of diagrams and imagery instead of by linguistic or algebraic means.

link – Wikipedia contributors. “Diagrammatic reasoning.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 6 Sep. 2023. Web. 28 Apr. 2024.


“Our Crowd” – in reference to the book by Stephen Birmingham

A “distinct part of New York society” – And “the closest thing to Aristocracy [in the best sense] – “[In] aristocracy, families shape fortune, fortune shapes character, and a commonwealth of character in turn shapes the fortune of cities. [NYC].

This is “not simply a book about rich people.” i.e. the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, a series hosted by Robin Leach. Instead, we find out how true aristocracy makes mere wealth seem secondary (read Birmingham’s book for clarification.)

James Mustich, Jr., Sept. 2004 – Our Crowd, The Great Jewish Families of New York, by Stephen Birmingham – James Mustich, “1,000 Book to Read Before You Die” – linklink2c-span-org1,000 Books to Read Before You Die.


link2source – Gold: Reasons For Optimism in 2024 – Gold reached new all-time highs in March, and miners, still exhibiting discipline and sound company fundamentals, appear well-positioned to benefit…but will they?


canyon arizona
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link2sourceDaily Deduction – tax policy center DOT org- Big Tax Case: Supreme Court: SCOTUS – July, 3rd, 2023 – Renu Zaretsky – SCOTUS will consider the taxation of unrealized income. The High Court has agreed to hear a case brought by Charles and Kathleen Moore, investors in an Indian business who owed the one-time mandatory repatriation tax enacted under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


PHOTO OF UTAH By; Ray Bilcliff: – link


link2source – Blinken demands China ditch Russia. Ukraine cauldron. Istanbul deal leaked. WSJ, Putin didn’t do it – Alex Christoforou * Rumble


link2source – Dmitry Orlov: The World Is Fed Up With US Foreign Policy – Tài Tỏi Vlog

link2source – David Sacks – Forever Wars: Biden v. Trump – Daniel Davis / Deep Dive


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