galaxy (UGC 12158 imaged by Hubble)

By ESA/Hubble & NASA – link, Public Domain – The structure of the Milky Way is thought to be similar to this galaxy (UGC 12158 imaged by Hubble) – NOTE 1 * UGC 12158 or PGC 69533 is an Sb-type barred spiral galaxy located approximately 384,000,000 ly (118 Mpc) away from Earth in the constellation of Pegasus. – NOTE 2 *

“It is widely accepted that SNe Ia are excellent standardizable candles at optical wavelengths. After applying an empirical correction established between light-curve shape and peak magnitude, SNe Ia become one of the most precise extragalactic distance indicators known. Phillips (1993) was the first to discover a tight correlation (hereafter, the “Phillips method”) between optical absolute magnitudes at maximum light and the decline-rate parameter Δm15(B), defined as the drop in B-band brightness from peak to 15 days later. Slow-declining SNe Ia [i.e., lower Δm15(B)] are intrinsically brighter than their fast-declining counterparts.”

– NOTE 3 – link to

Barred Spiral Galaxy

“UGC 12158 is an excellent example of a barred spiral galaxy. Barred spirals, as the name suggest, feature spectacular swirling arms of stars that emanate from a bar-shaped center.”

5 – link to – UGC 12158, a barred spiral galaxy in Pegasus – Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA –

The Four Types of Galaxies

“In our universe are four identified types of galaxies. These galaxies are composed of stars, gas and dust held together with gravitational forces.”

6 – link to – The Planets, The Different Types Of Galaxies, – ACCESSED 8-27-2021, – © The Planets 2010 – 2021 | Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclaimer Copyright © 2021

The Fully-vaccinated at Greater Risk

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/08 new israeli study finds fully-vaccinated people greater risk hospitalization 13 times likely catch covid-19- recovered natural immunity

The CDC’s Unconstitutional Eviction Moratorium

link to the gateway pundit DOT com – 2021/08 Just supreme court strikes cdcs unconstitutional eviction moratoriumlink to townhall DOT com – tipsheet – rebeccadowns 2021/08/26 us supreme court puts an end to bidens-unconstitutional-eviction-moratorium-n2594837 – link to supreme court DOT gov – opinions 20pdf 21a23_ap6c DOT pdf:

Cite as: 594 U. S. __ (2021) 1
Per Curiam
No. 21A23
[August 26, 2021]


The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has imposed a nationwide moratorium on evictions of any tenants who live in a county that is experiencing substantial or high levels of COVID–19 transmission and who make certain declarations of financial need.

86 Fed. Reg. 43244 (2021). The Alabama Association of Realtors (along with other plaintiffs) obtained a judgment from the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia vacating the moratorium on the ground that it is unlawful.

But the District Court stayed its judgment while the Government pursued an appeal. We vacate that stay, rendering the judgment enforceable. The District Court produced a comprehensive opinion concluding that the statute on which the CDC relies does not grant it the authority it claims. The case has been thoroughly briefed before us—twice. And careful review of that record makes clear that the applicants are virtually certain to succeed on the merits of their argument that the CDC has exceeded its authority.

It would be one thing if Congress had specifically authorized the action that the CDC has taken. But that has not happened. Instead, the CDC has imposed a nationwide moratorium on evictions in reliance on a decades-old statute that authorizes it to implement measures like fumigation and pest extermination. It strains credulity to believe that this statute grants the CDC the sweeping authority that it asserts.



In March 2020, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act to alleviate burdens caused by the burgeoning COVID–19 pandemic. Pub. L. 116–136, 134 Stat. 281. Among other relief programs, the Act imposed a 120-day eviction moratorium for properties that participated in federal assistance programs or were subject to federally backed loans. §4024, id., at 492–494. When the eviction moratorium expired in July, Congress did not renew it. Concluding that further action was needed, the CDC decided to do what Congress had not. See 85 Fed. Reg. 55292 (2020). The new, administratively imposed moratorium went further than its statutory predecessor, covering all residential properties nationwide and imposing criminal penalties on violators. See id., at 55293, 55296.

The CDC’s moratorium was originally slated to expire on December 31, 2020. Id., at 55297. But Congress extended it for one month as part of the second COVID–19 relief Act.

See Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, Pub. L. 116–260, §502, 134 Stat. 2078–2079. As the new deadline approached, the CDC again took matters into its own hands, extending its moratorium through March, then again through June, and ultimately through July. 86 Fed. Reg. 8020, 16731, 34010.

The CDC relied on §361(a) of the Public Health Service Act for authority to promulgate and extend the eviction moratorium. See 58 Stat. 703, as amended, 42 U. S. C.

§264(a). That provision states:

“The Surgeon General, with the approval of the [Secretary of Health and Human Services], is authorized to make and enforce such regulations as in his judgment are necessary to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the States or possessions, or from one State or possession into any other State or possession.

For purposes of carrying out and enforcing such regulations, the Surgeon General may provide for such inspection, fumigation, disinfection, sanitation, pest extermination, destruction of animals or articles found to be so infected or contaminated as to be sources of dangerous infection to human beings, and other measures, as in his judgment may be necessary.”

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Optical Research on Faint Galaxies

This paper reviews progress in two areas of optical research on faint galaxies. First I discuss the philosophy and techniques needed to employ radio galaxies as evolutionary and cosmological probes out to redshifts now approaching 2.0. Faint-galaxy spectroscopy is much aided by the presence of emission lines in the spectra; the 3CR galaxies at z > 0.5 are cooperative in this respect, and we discuss their enormous [Oii] and La emission lines in some detail. The distant radio galaxies seem to be systematically more active than their nearby counterparts. Radio galaxies can also be studied as galaxies of evolving stars; the present interpretations of visual and IR galaxy colors and magnitudes suggest modest lingering star formation over the past 10 10 years in many luminous radio galaxies. I conclude with a discussion on the location and utilization of faint radio-quiet red galaxies; these are giant E systems atz > 0.5. The study of these galaxies should constrain the epoch of large galaxy formation, if the collapse phase is roughly coincident in time with the galaxy’s last major epoch of star formation.

8 – link to, SPINRAD, HYRON. “FAINT GALAXIES AND COSMOLOGY.” Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, vol. 98, no. 601, 1986, pp. 269–284. JSTOR, Accessed 27 Aug. 2021.


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