low angle view of the vessel at hudson yards

8 de abril. eclipse solar y su simbolismo con una sombra de oscuridad. * La aceleración acelera hacia la singularidad. ** robar las elecciones *** Persecución política nunca antes vista. ****


link2source – Bob Coleman: Chinese, Indian & Non G7 Central Bank Gold & Silver Demand Overwhelming GLD & SLV Games – WallStForMainSt – 03-25-2024

link2source – Scott Ritter: On the Brink of Nuclear War – Judge Napolitano – 03-26-24


link2source – * Election Interference : Banana Republic is NOW the USA * PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP AT 40 WALL STREET: “THIS IS ALL ABOUT ELECTION INTERFERENCE”‘ * Open Borders, Inflation, Energy Prices. Bidenomics * Arthur Engoron :  (/ɛŋˈɡɔːrɑːn/ en-GOR-on;[1] born 1948 or 1949[2]) is an American judge * Biden has been using the DOJ as his personal police to get Trump and ruin his run for president.

link2source – Biden CAUGHT RED-HANDED Misleading DOJ to GET TRUMP! – Stephen Gardner – 3-25-2024 – MEGA FINE Against Trump! Never-seen-before political persecution. * Letitia James, third-world Marxist. * Letitia Ann James (born October 18, 1958) is an American lawyer and politician serving since 2019 as the Attorney General of New York (NYAG) : James filed a civil lawsuit against the Trump Organization and worked alongside the Manhattan district attorney‘s office in its criminal investigation of the organization.

link2source – RYAN MCMAKEN ON THE HISTORY AND BENEFITS OF SECESSION – Bob Murphy – Mises Institute – Secession

link2source – Everything You Think You Know About the Trump Appeals is Wrong — John Rubino – Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

link2source – ISIL AFGHANISTAN USES FOREIGN FIGHTERS TO BURN DOWN NIGHTCLUB – Iron Age News – 03-25-2024 * 137-145 Death Toll So Far *

link2source – Larry Johnson: Was MI-6 or CIA Behind Moscow Terror? – Judge Napolitano – 03-25-2024 * Biden in trouble w/ Arab-American Community.

link2source – SKY HIGH PRICES AHEAD (Commodities Are About To Surge) – Watch Silver This Monday – Smart Silver Stacker

link2source – Crocus terrorists, court appearance. WaPo, Putin is vulnerable. Macron beefs up personal security – Alex Christoforou * Death toll from concert hall terrorist attack rises to 133 – link2source – TASS –

link2source – ALEX JONES [1 OF 4] MONDAY 3/25/24 • EXCLUSIVE INTEL, NEWS, REPORTS & ANALYSIS • INFOWARS – the quickening accelerates towards the singularity * Building a superstructure to keep Trump from ‘stealing the election.’ * BTW Ivermectin Works.

link2source – We take our internet for granted. ONE HUGE DANGER TO OUR SYSTEM – Financial Turmoil Explained – 03-25-2024

link2source – Roman Plays and Illegal Acts – Victor Davis Hanson – 03-23-2024 – THE Impact OF illegal immigration on social services( HEALTHCARE). Supreme Court blocks the Biden admin effort to keep Texas border open (unfortunately, this defeat was defeated at least temporarily). The hearings on Afghanistan, and the playwrights of ancient Rome.

link2source – They’re LOSING Control Of The Money Supply – Mark Moss

link2source – BBN – April 8th. solar eclipse and its symbolism with a shadow of darkness. BBN, MAR 25, 2025 – THE DARK ECLIPSE CASTING A SHADOW ACROSS HUMAN CIVILIZATION…

link2source – MEXICOS HILARIOUS IMMIGRATION PROPOSAL – Styxhexenhammer666

link2source – Democrats COPE as Trump’s 2024 Chances SKYROCKET – Red Eagle Politics – Rumble

link2source – Aftermath of terror attack in Moscow. * ALEX JONES [FULL] SUNDAY 3/24/24 • NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN MOSCOW TERROR ATTACK, COLLAPSED US BORDER * Biden Border Crisis * Isis is a cut-out for Ukraine. *

link2source – KILLING US SLOWLY WITH THIS {REPOST} * Diabetes * High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) *

***************************** HFCS

sweetener made from corn starch. As in the production of conventional corn syrup, the starch is broken down into glucose by enzymes. To make HFCS, the corn syrup is further processed by D-xylose isomerase to convert some of its glucose into fructose. HFCS was first marketed in the early 1970s by the Clinton Corn Processing Company. * HFCS was widely used in food manufacturing from the 1970s through the early 21st century, primarily as a replacement for sucrose because its sweetness was similar to sucrose, it improved manufacturing quality, was easier to use, and was cheaper.

Manufacturers have long used high-fructose corn syrup in processed foods as a cheap sweetener. –

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30898933/ – Excessive consumption of beverages sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is associated with obesity and with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. 

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – link – * https://www.health.com/nutrition/high-fructose-corn-syrup-video link2source


link2source – All Fiat Currencies Are On the Edge of the Precipice. 21st Century Currency Scorecard. – maneco64

link2source – A story of self interest and big-government funding. * The climate scam can’t end. CLIMATE THE MOVIE: THE COLD TRUTH 2024


Zecharia Sitchin – July 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010 – author of a number of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributed the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he stated was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. — the information about Nibiru comes from the Sumerians and the writing and artifacts they, and other ancient people, left behind. — The population reduction underway is for the introduction of the New Race of humans created in the “God(s) image.” — The earliest known records of the Druids come from the 3rd century BCE. Their name may have come from a Celtic word meaning “knower of the oak tree.” – Britannica DOT com * Genetic Engineering of Planet Earth * Montauk Project (Conspiracy Theory)

Zecharia Sitchin – Wikipedia contributors. “Zecharia Sitchin.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 22 Mar. 2024. Web. 24 Mar. 2024. – – Sitchin DOT com – https://www.britannica.com/topic/Druid – link : ACCESSED 03-24-2024 – Written and fact-checked by 
The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica – Article History


Behind the scenes of world events – Jordan Maxwell

Western Europe (about 2500 years ago, and possibly long before that) writers began to record the existence of Druidism. In 50 BCE Julius Caesar wrote that Druidism originated in Britain. Druids were probably native just to the British Isles, Ireland and western Gaul (now France).

link – https://druidry.org/druid-way/what-druidry/a-longer-history


link2source – JORDAN MAXWELL – THE TAKEOVER OF PLANET EARTH – I want to call people back to their humanity. The extra terrestrials taking over Earth.

link2source – Moscow, Crocus City Hall; 11 arrested, 4 terrorists captured. Medvedev, terrorists must be destroyed – Alex Christoforou –

link2source – INTEL Roundtable w/ Johnson & McGovern: Roundup on Ukraine and Gaza – Judge Napolitano

link2source – Biden PULLS INSANE STUNT, Backfires IMMEDIATELY! – Stephen Gardner

link2source – China’s Insatiable Appetite for Gold. “This Is Just the Beginning”, Says Clive Thompson. – maneco64

low angle view of the vessel at hudson yards
Photo by Anna Arysheva on Pexels.com

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