Many travelers bring a carry-on bag to ensure they have certain items available when they first arrive. Anyone who has suffered lost baggage before understands this desire. Now airlines are putting a premium on anything other than a personal bag.


Spirit Airlines is charging $45 for a one-way overhead bin. According to a few sources, this charge might go up to $100 at the gate this fall. Delta Airlines claims they have no plans to charge for gate-checking bags. While United Airlines and American Airlines aren’t charging now, things might change in the future.


Apparently, Spirit Airlines is making its base fees as cheap as possible to try to offset the cost of charging for the overhead bin. But another problem Spirit travelers face is a lack of legroom with seats that don’t recline. Nobody wants to be sandwiched in a seat as they travel. Furthermore, people with certain health conditions may need adequate legroom.


One of the airlines known for offering more legroom is JetBlue. Of all the domestic airlines, JetBlue offers maximum legroom for no extra charge. United Airlines and British Airways also offer generous legroom options.


There is more to comfortable traveling than the price of the flight. You want to know you can travel without feeling like a sardine in an overstuffed tin can. When you choose an airline, ask how many seats are squeezed into the plane. This translates into the legroom—or lack thereof—you might have.


Travelers opt for Spirit Airlines because they are a well-known low cost carrier. They also have direct flights to hot spots such as Dallas, Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. Visit to find out more about their direct routes.


Spirit Airlines also has ad campaigns with a shock factor, such as “The Weiner Sale” offering $9 fares last year. The ads are catchy but travelers need to watch out for the tacked-on fees. Of course, there is always Southwest Airlines for those who prefer class over crass. Even better, Southwest takes pride in their commitment to the LGBT community.


Southwest Airlines is the official airline of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NBLCC), the Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSA) and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). They also offer an online interactive map at Simply click on the city and lines representing the flights appear.


Before you make your final travel plans, consider your baggage and comfort needs along with the price and whether direct flights are available.


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