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    • “[…]there can be significant physical and biospheric consequences[…]”
Joe Biden’s Push for Electric Cars is a “Bright Green Lie”

The collapse of industrial civilization continues…

The carbon footprint vs. the ecological footprint – “The carbon footprint is a subset or one component of the over-arching ecological footprint.” “[…] how much NET CARBON one consumer choice releases vs. that of another consumer choice” – “What power generation was used to charge the battery of the electric car, and, the NET ENERGY” “There is no such thing as a carbon neutral car.”

Sam Mitchell – paraphrased

link to The Elephant in the Room About Why We are Never Going to Get Off Fossil Fuels, Period

link to the guardian – environment – 2021 feb 09 state-owned-fossil-fuel-firms-planning-19tn-investments

  • link to Robert Hunziker: “I’m Not Very Optimistic, Unfortunately. It’s Just Reality”
    • link to nature.com – articles – nature11018 – Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere

Exosomatic Energy

“It is the crude oil, along with coal, natural gas and uranium, that multiply our puny power to a point where the results of our activity become visible from outer space over large stretches of the planet’s surface.”

Dimitry Orlov – Everything is Going According to Plan – pg. 224
We Will Push the Envelope


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Industrial Civilization Collapse RE Asteroid Collision


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