“We have an election day, not an election week.

“As the leads stand right now, Trump in Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania,[…] Trump loses.

TimCast, Tim Pool

“It’s not who votes, It’s who counts the votes.

TimCast, Tim Pool


Trump Wins Legal Victory in PA

“Democrats Try To BLOCK Vote Counting Transparency

“There are some House races where all of a sudden unclaimed boxes just appear […]

“Outside of key states we are seeing huge Trump support.

“I risk being banned on Youtube for even bringing it up.

“[…] three videos where three people who are clearly dead who did vote in Michigan.


TimCast, Tim Pool (also, New York Post)

Judge hands Trump legal win in Pennsylvania vote count

“An appellate judge has handed President Trump’s re-election campaign a minor victory, allowing it to observe the counting of ballots in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, his campaign anounced.


“Trump is also filing suit in Nevada.

“10,000 people voted in the state [NV] despite no longer living there.


“If the Democrats want to win, they need this process.

“Joe Biden does not have 264 Electoral Votes.

“AZ has not been called for Joe Biden. [as of 11/5]

RE: Recount in Wisconsin: “I don’t believe Trump will find the votes he needs, however, they may be able to check registrations. [currently in Joe Biden’s column]

“Twitter is censoring the President. [Trump]

“NV is leaning to Biden [as of 11/5]

TimCast, Tim Pool

Constitution Center

Does the Constitution allow for a delayed presidential election?



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