Eve of Destruction

Far-Reaching Biden Scandal

“Adults should not be having sex with minors.

Lionel Nation

Trump’s undeniable popularity contrasts with the lack of enthusiasm for Biden.

“Biden is looking more pathetic.

“The New York Post is deplatformed for merely reporting on Hunter Biden.

“Black Lives Matter”

“Stores are boarded up.”

Lionel Nation
Coup 2 Explained

Democrats prepare for a loss with fake polls. Scott Adams explains possible unforeseen consequences of a Trump win: Antifa and violence as the tsunami of propaganda fools America into believing Biden is President.

California Financial Crisis

Nancy Pelosi -No Deal from Trump

Death By China

Death by China
Election Predictions According to the Polls
Orange Man Not-So Bad

Ballot Harvesting

“Orange County, CA: where ballot harvesting began.”

“You feel good today, but bad tomorrow – with ballot harvesting, legal in California, but illegal in other States.”

Agenda 21 Radio, Nov 3rd, 2020


“Trump spikes to 46 approval on [the eve of the election].

“[Trump] appears to be ahead in Florida.





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