Inside Joe Biden’s Corruption

Adam Schiff – This is a Russian disinformation campaign

Hunter Biden Bombshell

Director Ratcliffe: Hunter Biden’s laptop not part of Russian disinformation campaign. (Director of National Intelligence)

Despite what Rep. Adam Schiff claims, it does not center around Russian Disinformation. FBI has had possession of the e-mails from Hunter Biden’s laptop(s).

“We know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. ”

– Rep Adam Schiff

“[…] Russia is not the source of the allegations” –

Sky News Australia

“The New York Post was censored by Facebook and Google.” –

Sky News Australia


Installing people who have a Critical Consciousness

“I understand what’s going on.”

New Discourses

“I am for equality.” – “I wrote an article in 2016 that no longer exists for some reason or another.” – “If the Left wanted Trump to win they should keep calling him racist.” – “I recognized the Critical-Race-Theory based analysis of [Trump’s] candidacy at the time.”

New Discourses


“I would not be voting for him [Trump] under normal circumstances.

New Discourses

The gaslighting, lies, and media are following the philosophy of Critical Rase Theory. The commentators describe the “protests” as “mostly peaceful” while standing in front of burning buildings.

“Are you guys going to put judges on the [Supreme] court to get what you want out of it?” – Mike Pence to Kamala Harris

New Discourses

There are article saying we should ignore the Supreme Court, or, fill it with progressives judges.


“The number of weasel words in this article is perfuse.” – “The legacy media conducts propaganda.” – “This is called yellow journalism.” – “There is no attempt to fact check.” – RE: Thomas Rid’s Washington Post article. “This is why we need alt-tech. This is why we need independent media.”


Styxhexenhammer666 reviews a Washington Post article: Insisting that the Hunter Biden laptop is fake is a trap. So is insisting that it’s real. – by Thomas Rid, in the above Youtube video. He also contrasts the legislation recently signed by president Trump, the First Step Act, with the ’94 Crime Bill, which was promoted by Joe Biden. Given enough time, Trump may let as many black men out of prison as Joe Biden has locked away.

Brennan Center for Justice

How the First STEP Act Became Law – and what happens next – The making of a historic criminal justice reform bill…

Brennan Center for Justice

Racial Equity

In practice, Equity will become Affirmative Action rebooted, or Reparations.

Equity will simply lead to ever more demands. The racial makeup will never be satisfactory because the goal post will change with the ends of maintaining power, which is what Critical Race Theory is ultimately about.

The definition of “Equity” is insisting that certain results, or proportions, are met with respect to the racial and gender makeup of those represented in a given population, say, members on the board of a given corporation, or employees of a business.

“These are the rubrics being used.” “[…] special accommodations to keep in the Critical Theorists.”

New Discourse

It is pernicious how, with respect to race, Critical Race Theory has made color-blindness an obsolete concept. This was the whole point of Critical Race Theory. Color-blindness would have been the very spirit of judging your fellow human by – “the content of their character.”


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